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Check both of my Old and New Covenants above. At the left of both screens you will see a down arrow where you can see all my updated films. I am working on 20 at a time because both Old and New Covenant scriptures are intertwined. The Whale of Jonah by the way travels 360 degrees around the text from the front to the back of the text. The Sign of Jonah is given in every generation in this corrupt and evil world run by Satan's gangsters with the intelligence the size of corpse-maggots and do they not stink - phew. I am working simultaneously on web coding and color-coding of the Holy Scriptures. All my files are made for the big screen, tablets, and laptops up to any size screen, however, with responsive embedding smaller screens will be available. There are many, many, whale films I am working on and these have to do with the importance of the preaching of the prophets of the Old Covenant and the disciples of Christ in the New Covenant and since of course. The whale refers to a wall of sound and vision only the eternal and living God can execute inside of an individual called out of this corrupt world. In each generation this last 2000 years, 2 eternal days to Almighty God, the Sign of Jonah has been given as the sign to unlock all the other signs in Holy Scripture. Remember, Christ would only give the corrupt wealthy rulers and their religious counterparts the Sign of Jonah knowing they had zero chance at all of working it out - nothing new under the sun is there! The opposite of poverty is utter greed, however, the bishops sitting on thrones and living in mansions and palaces profoundly disagree, as David Cameron and the Archbishop of Canterbury confirmed: "The more tax you pay the harder you are working." Along with the Pagan Monarch, poverty is inevitable, as Christ offered, and still does to the rich rulers: "Sell all your poseesions, share equally to the poor, and have eternal wealth." As again the Living Lord Jesus Says: "They will injure and then kill you like they did to me for preaching eternal light and Truth against Satan's slaves, lies."

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The Three Taverns is full of films, text, and images in glorious color-coded Holy Scriptures
in the original Hebrew and Greek languages, written on our hearts by the sovereign Holy Spirit.
The Three Tombs, is exactly what it says and part of what we disciples go through in serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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