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Royden John Elson
Roy Elson
The navigation bar on the left are the links to my first Holy Scriptures as guided by the sovereign Holy Spirit Himself - I was an infant at the time but obviously advanced in scripture simultaneously with the breath of Almighty God. Always remember, the sriptures are only written for the lambs of Christ, His infants, His young boys growing on meatier spiritual food and drinks written exactly in both the Old Covenant and the New Covenant. Then the young boys become elder boys again growing on meatier food and drinks, and then into young men, if chosen by Almighty God of course, and finally, once again, if chosen by Almighty God, fed the full eternal and invisible banquets - the men of God. Notice the six stages of the creation of a man of God created the way and pattern of Almighty God Himself completely out of the hands of carnal men - obviously.

Many more of my films are below - and I am constantly uploading the Holy Scriptures - they are truly eternal.
(I have actually got too many films for this page, it is enormous as it is, so I have added many more pages which is being added to often. I should have about 500 more films, October, next year, an important target as Christ is coming back soon to rid the world of greed and, therefore, freedom for the poor. For 2000 years, 2 days only for God, excuses, excuses and more excuses why the wealthy and the poor should have blatant distances between them, with the wealthy claiming: "We are all in it together."
Ignorance of the poor is evil and not excusable because every word will be answerable regardless of what religious 'muckers' of the wealthy say. "Your words will justify you - and your words will condemn you," and as Christ says again: "This world is condemned already."
ALL MY FILMS SHOULD BE VIEWED ON THE BIG SCREEN - a laptop or tablet at least, however, I have been working on what is called 'responsive' so smaller screens can see and hear the Word of God. Hopefully all screen will have good audio.

"Narrow is the Way to Eternal Life, and it is a very hard Way, and very few find it - because it is very hard. Many are Called out of this world, but Few are Chosen to be my lambs. Nobody comes to me unless my Holy Father draws them to me - but I choose my own disciples and they will become Men of God' who will follow me to the end of their appointed times."
"Broad is the way to destruction and many find it because it is the very easy way."

All my films are really spectacular - they are a bed rock - the bottom rung of an Eternal Ladder. I really have to be there to open the eyes of the blind and the ears of the deaf to the majesty of the Eternal Light that is in Christ Jesus, or whatever name you give to the Eternal Teacher. I give a lesson on naming conventions of all the characters in the Holy Scriptures - in fact I have updated and literally changed a fair number of English words to their correct and perfect meaning without any corruptions at all. As the black and white scriptures are only the bottom rung of an Eternal, spiralling Ladder to the Eternal true light, so are my films spiralling upwards - if you know which direction they go. For now just say that the films are a background to my teachings which are in harmony with those of Peter, Paul, John, (Yochanon - if you are Hebrew inclined), James, the step brother of my Lord and all the wonderful Holy Prophets:
"You fools and with hearts hardened as stone not to believe in all the Prophets...." Wow! Jesus was speaking to his disciples only here and knowing that his Holy Father was about to break their hearts of stone by turning the stones into Holy Bread.
"Woe to you who are pregnant and woe to you who are sucking at the breast!" Again Jesus is warning his disciples only and I know exactly the right time He warned me also with the exact same warning.
"I am the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Heaven and earth will pass away but my words will never die because they are Eternal."
Remember this, the wolves will have you believe you only need to know what they tell you. However, I know all of Moses, all of the Prophets and the Psalms as well as the majesty of the New Covenant written on my new heart in his Priceless Blood. As you will see in the films, the only defence against Satan comes from the Holy Light that proceeded from the Mouth of God:
"It is Written!"
"It is Written!"
"It is Said!"
Now there is the evidence that what is written is equal in every way to what is said through the Mouth of the Eternal and Holy God. The problem is - when does He actually say these things? Obviously we - the few, who follow exactly in His footsteps to the very end of our sanctification know all things given to us.

The human mind has the capability of being elevated to 3 levels of divine knowledge, and the revelations expounding that knowledge. The Eternal and Living GOD deliberately gave a fully grown man a 3lb brain in weight - the three levels of doctrine referring to the weights of various single leaves of the Tree of Life. That is, the leaf of a book - the Book of Life:

"Can you not bear what I say to you?"
More importantly:
"Can you not bear what I say to you.......YET?"
On a ship crossing over to the 'Other Side' the Eternal and Living GOD, that is the Christ:
"Do you not 'remember' the feeding of the 5000/4000 and how many baskets you received? Do you not understand......YET?"
For 3 years, on 3 different levels did the Christ teach the 12. It was, and still is, 'REMEMBER' - what He taught them, and do you not understand....YET?
The Christ was always 'The Prophet' in His Eternal Teaching, preparing them as He does today for the coming of the Eternal and Internal Holy Spirit, into the lives of those chosen by Him. It is the Holy Spirit that teaches everything about Jesus Christ, exactly as Christ Himself said, and says today.
Everything the Eternal and Living Christ taught had weight to it that needs to be fully understood
"You do not keep a light hidden under a bushel."
The light is the glorious unveiling, (apocalypse,) inside of the disciple as he reveals the weight of the teaching that is in the bushel:
"Come to me you who are heavily laden, for my load is LIGHT - the Eternal LIGHT, that is."
"Consider the wisdom of the ant?"
The Prophet explaining the weight of a leaf the ant was carrying that is much greater than its own body weight. So is the Chosen Christian also carrying the weight of Christ's Teachings and fully understanding them! If one leaf of a book is huge and heavy - how much more the many leafs of the Book of Life.
Can you bear the weight of the Holy Scriptures taught by the Eternal and Living, Jesus Christ?
Can you bear the Cross of Christ, daily, which is the Bread of His afflicted body?
Are you cursed because you are hanging on a tree? In other words trying to work out the Holy Scriptures without the Inner Holy Spirit of GOD to discern them with you?
In this World there are only 2 levels of carnal thought, and those 2 levels are darkness that contain many fragments of light, just like the sky at night with its host of stars. Einstein and Newton saw the lights on the 2 levels of darkness in this World, but if they had been called out into the Wilderness, they would of seen things that would of blown their minds. Both Newton and Einstein suffered traumatically at one point or another to learn the great carnal, earthly things that they did, so how much more does a person have to suffer in the wilderness being taught by the Eternal and Living GOD Himself?
"Hard is the Way to eternal life."
The Messiah gives it to you straight, even though main stream Christianity claims it is easy to be a Christian, Christ Himself denies this simplicity. When one has learned the rudiments of the Scriptures, it gets harder and not easier as you go along. This is why there is such great emphasis on staying and remaining in faith and persevering in the torment until the divine has completed the fullness of the knowledge that is in Christ.

"This is my beloved Son whom I am well pleased with;"
This is the WILL of the Eternal and Living, GOD.

The following shows you how to put the Hebrew, Greek and English sentences together in color to make it easier to learn. The first two lines are in Hebrew which is written from right to left.
Here you can see how daunting it is to try and translate two languages at once. Before it was easier to study the one language first, and then the other one. The problem with this is that when you have learned the second language, the first one is usually nearly forgotten, this is where the color coding comes to the rescue.
image of a text link 3
This next line is written in Greek
image of a text link 4
When one arrives at the meaning of the Hebrew, he can then do the same with the Greek, and color the nouns and verbs of all three languages simultaneously!

image of a text link 7

Notice how I have made GOLD overpowering to give emphasis to the GLORY of the Eternal and Living GOD.

Once one has got the meaning of each word, one can build a thesaurus giving each word lots of other meanings, because Hebrew has no vowels in it so the combination of interpretations can be many.

The English translations are ok, but one word translation is very poor in a number of circumstances. A number of English words have been severly polluted - repent, gospel, church just to name 3 of them.

Once you know Moses and the Prophets in Hebrew, the New Testament is very simple to interpret, but there are many in this World that have no clue at all that Christ and His Apostles only had the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures of Moses and the Prophets. The Gospel that Christ and His students preached was the same as the one Moses and all the Prophets preached, except Christ had the power, through His Precious blood, to open the sight of the blind to the Mysteries of the Kingdom that is only contained in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures. When Christ says that you will not believe in God by seeing miracles, it is because by interpreting Moses and the Prophets correctly you are hearing the Word of God, and receiving faith from Him. Faith comes by hearing the Word of God only and nothing else. Notice it was Abraham telling the rich man that if his brethren did not believe in Moses, then they would not believe if they saw the poor man himself raised from the dead. By this very fact, it is obvious God does not do miracles at any time so that Scriptureless fools' can believe in Him. When one has the Scriptures, he has all that is needed to require the faith needed to follow Christ. It is the Obedience through faith in the Teachings and Commandments of the Lord Jesus Christ that counts. Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms are the eternal biographies of the risen and Hidden Jesus Christ; without the biographies of Christ there is obviously no Jesus Christ at all.

Notice how the countless cults and sects in Christianity, even though they all profess that they are themselves the true church, assemble together regarding World issues that has nothing to do with them whatsoever. The one true Church is in the World, but not part of it. That is if the church has been 'Called Out' from the World, that is Egypt, and taught the great mysteries of God in his teaching Wilderness. The Scripture says:
"How can a person be sent, if he has not been called?"
This Scripture means that you cannot preach the Gospel in this World if you have not been called out to receive the interpretations of Moses and the Prophets in the first place. If you are not called out, then surely God would not send anyone back into the World to preach a dead Gospel. Christ says that:
"Many are Called, but few are Chosen!"
Yet this World is full of dead preachers making lots of money out of Christ's precious blood, and the evidence is in their worthless knowledge. You will know a tree by its fruits, and to know what the teacher is like, check out the learning of his students first. The pomegranates and bells at the bottom of the High Priest, who is Christ, is a living testimony of why Christ suffered a life of hardship, and to finally die in terrible circumstances on the Cross.

It is the true meanings of Scripture this World thirsts and hungers for. So let us see how the power of the ancient Hebrew does in interpreting the New Testament, something the Scriptureless would not even have a clue about.
Luke specifically states that over a 3 day period, the students of Christ were in the Temple praying continually. How is it then that 2 of them went on their way to Emmaus if they were continually in the Temple? The clue is to what happened as the 2 were on the journey 60 measures distance. In the Temple were 10 candlesticks whereas in the Tabernacle there was only 1. The Messiah came alongside the 2 who were hard hearted and stubborn in understanding the Scriptures, so the Messiah unveiled all of Moses, all of the Prophets, and all of the Psalms to them. What were these 60 measures Luke draws attention to? First you have to go back to the Tabernacle, and look at the candlestick that had 7 lights. The main shaft holding the central light, which is Christ, and 3 more lights on either side of Christ, 6 in all. Remember Christ saying, 'I am the vine, you are the branches,' well He was talking about the 6 branches of the candle stick. Each wick inside the almond bowl shaped like an apple, had to be cut down the middle so that you have 2 instead of 1. So when the Lampstand shone on the Table of the Presences of God, which had 2 rows of bread, 6 in each row, each wick had sufficient light for 1 bread each. These 12 breads that shone are represented in Aaron's breastplate - yes, the 12 gems shining as though the bread of Scriptural interpretation had come to life. "If you are the Son of Man turn these stones into Bread!" At the construction of the Tabernacle, on both accounts, Aaron both times dressed last in the 2 accounts in Exodus, because he was fitted exactly according to the pattern that God gave to Moses. So the Tabernacle and all its furnishings were put upon Aaron who was a foreshadow of Christ. Christ carried the tables with the gold rings and the gold staves in His Mind! All the furnishings were inside of Christ and He carried them, and He easily interpreted them exactly how the Scriptures were meant to be discerned. When Christ came alongside the 2, and he interpreted all the Scriptures to them, He broke the bread and suddenly the 2 recognized Him from all the Scriptures, and then He vanished out of their sight. The point is, Luke is giving the necessary clues in the 60 measures to understand what really happened. There is 10 tables of the Bread of the Presences of God, and 10 Lampstands, now going back to Moses in the Tabernacle in God's teaching Wilderness, we have 60 Breads on either side, 120 in all. Because 1 student is named he must have represented the 'Inner Man,' and the other one that is unnamed, must represent the Spirit that God gives to His students. What Luke is saying is that when Christ broke the bread, the 2 must have had the full measure of the 60 Breads each, and as Emmaus means hot springs, it must refer to the baptism in the Holy Spirit. For this reason it is impossible for Luke to have come up with any other number than 120 that were in the upper room when the 50th Day had finally come. The tongues of fire were divided down the middle just as if they came off the Lampstand, and it is absolutely obvious that those present were full of the Heavenly Bread for the tongues of fire to settle upon. The power given to those present was to preach the Gospel that is in all of Moses, and all of the Prophets, and all of the psalms. Luke gives a good starting point to Peter's great sermon beginning with Joel, but this was merely a starting point. Peter preached all day long with the power of the genius Spirit, remember what Christ says, 'It will not be you saying anything, but the Spirit that is within you.' Bearing in mind that it was the Jewish festival of Weeks, or the 50th Day, there were many Rabbis' there with their students from all over the World. And the righteous amongst them discerned the teaching of the Spirit and believed. Not one single Scriptureless person was present that special Day - he would not have had a clue to what was being preached anyway.

At the bottom of Aaron's robe were alternating bells and pomegranates. Pomegranates are multitudous in seed and the blood red juice signifies the cost of Christ's suffering and death on the Cross. The shedding of blood is the price He paid to open the minds of His true students to the Scriptures - does this ring a bell? It should do because every time I study the Scriptures I see red, and I know for certain that when I was called out 22 years ago to study the Scriptures, it was Christ using the sword of the Word of God to separate me from this World to study in the truth. The Red Sea is as real today as it has ever been in the past, according to each individual that is called out. The Great Preacher Moses used his outstretched arm demonstrating the power of Christ's blood in delivering Israel, (singular), out of this World, (Egypt), through the 'red see' into the Wilderness of Divine Teaching, that is away from the distractions of this World. The only outstretched arm that Moses used in all his sermons was the outstretched arm of Christ's, nailed to the Cross, because no other power has ever been given to man to set him free to climb the levels of intellect that the hidden Scriptures relate to. This is why 'Christ is Risen, Christ is living and Christ is Teaching' was the glorious password of the early true Christians meaning that to find the hidden Christ, through the hidden Scriptures, one's mind must be elevated upwards to find the Risen Christ. Can you see how important the Scriptures are? Without Moses and the Prophets it is impossible to be even called a baby Christian. I see the Ark of Noah as a spiralling staircase, or ladder that is rising upwards through 3 levels that the mind must transcend to obtain Divine Revelation. Paul tells us that Hagar is a type of Worldliness, in other words, Moses had to physically rise up the Holy mount to speak to God. But since the precious blood of Christ, that paid for the seed to be opened to His students, was sprinkled all over the Tabernacle which is every true believers body - inside and out. But more importantly where interpretation of the Scriptures is concerned, the sprinkling of Blood onto the Book - the Word of God which Christ paid to open the sight of the blind to the Word of Truth, to open the ears of the deaf to the Word of God, and to heal the lame so that they can walk with the Word of God meditating on the marvelous Scriptures, working them out with the absolute certainty that revelation is surely to come to those who have been called out. Josephus, the great Jewish Historian, actually lived in Cana after the so called 1st miracle of Christ, turning the water into wine. Yet Josephus never heard of this miracle because as he was a prolific writer, he would of surely wrote it down. Everything in the Scriptures, nothing left out, is seen on 3 different levels according to how God has tabernacled your body. What has been translated as Master of the Feast is actually a person on the first of the 3 levels of the Divine escalation. His name means the first of 3 couches, and of course a couch was used at the great symposiums of teaching all those years ago. A person reclined on the couch eating and drinking in tit bits whilst receiving the teaching. The Tabernacle in the Wilderness represents one such person reclining as if on a couch - hence the 3 Tabernacles that Peter misunderstood up a very high mountain when he saw Christ glorified in the presence of Moses and Elijah. So it is first through Moses that the first level is accomplished when you can certainly SEE RED and have been delivered out of this world. The second level is through Elijah who must come before the Messiah - every Jew will know this. And the 3rd level, or heaven as Paul calls it, is the appearance of the Risen and Hidden Christ.

Now here is a certain fact, in heaven there will be every type of person there is. People from every religion, every society, every culture. When Christ says that the least shall be the greatest, and the greatest shall be the least, he was not only talking about his students relationship to each other, but the positions that people will have in heaven. I know for certainty that there will be many in heaven who will have positions a lot higher than the money grasping Christians that are in this world today. So what is the point of living a dogs life studying arduously the Scriptures if there is a very good chance of getting into heaven anyway? True Salvation is what God saves for you in heaven. What you reject in this World through true faith that comes from hearing the Word of God, God saves your riches in heaven. There are many lands and realms in heaven, just look at how fast our Universe is expanding. The point of being 'Called Out' which is the true Church, is to study the Scriptures and to let God to make Himself known to you. Christ will be called King of Kings and Lord of Lords on that great day, when many true Christians will be honored with investitures. They will become Kings and Lords of the many realms that are in heaven. When Christ says he has a mansion with many rooms in for His students when they finally give up the ghost in this World, He is likening it to a hotel, just like at the Oscar's where the stars stay overnight. When that Great Day of the Lord comes, Christ's students will be regally dressed to attend this special Day where everyone is judged except Christ's true students because they have been judged already in this life which is the point of the suffering in the Wilderness of Divine instruction and Teaching. Paul tells us to work out our own Salvation with tears, notice the singularity. The Messiah said to Peter, 'Never mind him, (John), YOU make sure you are following me!' Notice the singularity. Abraham saw the many seed as singular, that is Christ, so when we study the Scriptures we find the true Divine path by following in Christ's footsteps by our self only:< br /> "You will not need a man to teach you, for I the Lord God shall be your Teacher."
This wonderful Scripture has proved itself in my life for over 22 years now. Yes, I lost everything in this world at the time, wife, children, everything, but what I have had in return is something words cannot possibly express. I might not own anything of value in this life, but what I do have, I have to keep forever! This is why my students in this World trust me, because I do not count anything materialistic of any value at all. So if you are serious about being a real Christian and want Christ to deliver you into His teaching Wilderness with His outstretched arm, (Yes - the scar where the nail once was is still there), He will enable you to SEE RED through His precious Blood, and the SEED will be opened to you. It is only through Moses and the Prophets - Christ's true biography - that you will find Him. There are 50 bells and 50 pomegranates incidentally that alternate at the bottom of Christ's Robe. And there are 50 steps up the intellectual ladder on each of the 3 levels up the spiralling stairway. Ever wondered why the Tabernacle is exactly 150 times smaller than the Ark of Noah? This is why I see the Ark as being a spiralling staircase 50 steps on each level. When we are truly Tabernacled and walk in a straight line, and our minds are with Divine training, we have the capacity to go upwards on all 3 levels 50 + 50 + 50. Nothing was ever written down historically relating to the events in Christ's time, because the Apostles had to have the ability of looking upwards, on all 3 levels, to see anything of Divine significance at all. Abraham was the same, from his Tabernacle, he looked up and saw 3 men approaching, coming down to meet him on his level of comprehension. It was the Lord of course. This is also the reason that the students of Christ saw Him in different disguises, and it depended on what level the student was on to be able to see Him.

Below are 3 images regarding the way of faith to God. Notice the pomegranate juice sprinkled over the books. This is representative of the Blood and the Seed of the pomegranate. The blood is sprinkled to give the idea of fragmented learning, hence the baskets of fragments the students of Christ picked up, and which should of been in their minds, but not on that occasion. It is not what is written that counts, but the real interpretations that come off the pages in pieces. If it were possible to recite the scripture sin 50 languages all from memory would mean absolutely nothing at all. It is the real interpretations that count, and this is why Christ tells His students, 'Hard is the Way to everlasting life.' It is a hard life, and sometimes a lonely one, hence the often repeated holding on to the faith and persevering to the end. As Paul says, many run the race, but only one wins the prize, so who is going to win? Those who study the Scriptures, or those who do not?
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Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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