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The 8th Day is the time from Adam, the First Prophet, to the Second Adam, the Hidden Christ. Which is 4 (4000 years Earth time), and then 4 ( 4th Century after the Birth of Christ to the bible being compiled), which is 8. Notice that from Adam to the Hidden Christ there appear to be many people involved until the Passover, when there was ONE. And from the ONE the many spread outwards right up until the 4th Century when the Earth time finished at the in-gathering of the Scriptures, when we have ONE again. It sounds complicated, but it is really easy to understand. whereby God had used Prophets and the like to be tortured and then murdered to bring us His Holy Scriptures, He now needs no man to do His Work on this Earth. Everything that is in the Holy Scriptures means something brand new, and a man does not need another man to teach him the Way to God, which is completely different than any man's way. A man needs God now by being One with Him, and he One with God. The World is full of deceit governed by the Deceiver, who is both real and operating to and fro, moving from men to men and instsitution to institution at an incredible speed.
Even Christ's Disciples 2000 years ago thought it was too difficult for them also to understand God's Way.
"With God, everything is possible!"
This is why Christ had to die and Rise again, so that others could follow Him in Spirit and in Truth. As you will see in the 3 different levels on the Map - there really are 6, but if you have been studying you will know the reason why the Hidden and Risen Christ appeared differently at given times - it was according to what level His Student's mind was on. And is 'on' it should be emphasised, because Christ is the same yesterday, today, and as long as there are people to be taught by God. The 8th Day is the final 'Cut Off' meaning that the end of all flesh is at hand! And many of you thought that the Scriptures cover thousands of years? Nonsense, every Word and every letter is sancrosanct, and everything in the Scriptures shall have a beginning and an end in the True Believers lifetime.

This Scripture is fulfilled in the true believers heart and mind, today and forever:
"You do not need a man to teach you; for I the LORD God with be your only Teacher!"
That is if you are in His Wilderness 'Called out' of this World, and having your mind trained to look upwards to the levels of God's appearances.
Just as Abraham saw 3 men approaching him - when he looked upwards - he realized it was the Lord God in his 3 forms of disguised manifestations!

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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