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The Simplicity in Christ!

treasure in tabernacles of clay

The first sign that the Messiah did was in Cana in Galilee; changing the water into the best choice wine, just as Moses first sign was the changing of the water into blood. What is interesting here is that the great Jewish Historian Josephus actually lived in Cana in the 1st century, and never heard of this Jesus - or this peculiar Feast. Of course, the MAP makes the sign easy to interpret. Understand the 3 Tabernacles and you are half way there. What is translated as the Master of the Feast is actually The Head of the 3 Couches. A couch is used for reclining on at meal times, but here we have 3, and this particular meal is known as a Symposium - drinking together. The symposium is set up twice in the feeding of the 5000 where the Disciples put the men into symposiums of 100's and 50's signifying that they were being tabernacled, (its court yard is 100x50). The main point here is why no-one who lived in Cana ever knew of this incident. Firstly it was the 3rd day in relation to the 3rd layer of the Ark, (head), of Noah, and Noah got exceedingly drunk at the end of the Way. So the 3rd day is the 3rd heaven here. John also wrote about the Messiah's last feast in the flesh which was held in the upper room of a man carrying water in a stone jar. What I am saying is this, all the things that happened almost 2000 years ago was brilliantly staged by God Himself until the Scriptures were put together in the 4th Century - 4 being relevant here. The point here is that the disciples - including Paul were acting out the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. In the MAP, Adam represented the First Seed, and the New Testament is in relation to the Second Seed Christ - the 1st man Adam, 2nd Man Christ. It should now be apparent as to why the Messiah said that He must die and be Raised for the Holy Spirit to come upon His Students to teach them and open their minds to the MAP. From the 4th Century onwards a new way has been presented by God that does not need the many to produce the necessary requirements for a person to fully understand the Way to God and to receive the full salvation that is in Christ. God does it all Himself - He is the Teacher, Accountant and all things that relate to the good of His Children. When the Messiah instructs His Students to pray He says this:
"Our Father in Heaven...."
The 'our' is relating to one Student who has the Holy Spirit twinned within himself - the 2 must become 1.
Remember that you have to be the one carrying the stone jar on your shoulders, (What is on the outside, must be on the inside!).

the god of this world has blinded the faithless

Why is it that many in Christianity think that the above Scripture relates to the Jews inability to understand Moses because their minds are veiled?

letter of death - spirit of life

God's Ways are different than the ways of men

Almost everything made by humans have a manual attached to them so that they can learn how things are made and work. Now if the beginning of the book of Genesis is a manual on the creation of the whole Universe, then God has made a terrible job of it. However - to the dead living in darkness with their handful of Scriptures this may well be, because they are ensnared by the law of the letter, but the Raised Seed observes the creation as leading to a brand new life. The beginning is in reference to the skull - that which houses the human brain - the inner man as being the throne of intelligence. Adam only became a living soul when God singled him out. In other words Adam was the first human to be given the first Seed. Yes, there were Aborigines in Australia, Maoris in New Zealand and Pygmies in the Amazon Rain Forests at the time. Adam was the first of a people who God is creating for Himself, but what kind of people?
The problem with Adam is that the seed that he was first given was insufficient to keep him from falling backwards, he fell to the temptations of the world. Therefore a second seed is needed to give both comfort and strength in learning the ways of God that is different to the ways of men. Those who have the enlivenment of the Spirit will not only discern the Scriptures with the utmost of ease, but will stand firm in their God-given faith against the many deceptions that the world is easily entrapped with. This 2nd seed is the Messiah, or more precisely a clone of His Spirit that comes from above and is twinned within man. At first there is much antagonism between the two, and sometimes violent and raging battles between them. It is only through experience that one comes to the knowledge that it is the cloned sprit that has to win. The man wants both to learn of God and to share in the world's desires, but the cloned spirit is Holy and nothing of this world pleases him except the knowledge contained in it. This inner battle goes on until the man quits to the demands of his Holy twin. This Holy inner struggle with God is a real Jihad, and also qualifies one as a true Israelite. Ever wondered why God uses twins often in Holy Scripture; 2 by 2 they entered the Ark meaning the interpretation of the creation entering Noah's mind so that he would have to name them. Thomas called Dydimus means 2 by 2 also, and he was at the head of the ship at the 3rd appearance of Christ after His Raising from the dead. Raising refers to the level of conscience where your mind is. The ultimate is when one can see on all 3 levels, because God knows who are dead to this world by what they have done to serve Him - and will continue to do so until they have attained the maximum possible that can be received of the Heavenly riches. The Raised Seed have nothing of this world that anyone would boast about. The Raised Seed fit in with the poor easily by what they wear - just as the Messiah would if He were here now. But the Messiah is here now, unrecognised by earthly clothing. Yes, He is the same today as He always will be - The Teacher of all Divine knowledge. 2000 years ago God was amongst men, but they hated Him as they do today.
Want to know what the firmament really is in the Creation? It is a solid line that separates the earthly from the Divine, and the dividing of the waters above, and the dividing of the waters below the line, gives the answer to how Christ Himself was able to walk on the water. If you are standing on this solid line you cannot sink as Peter did, but Christ saved him. It is through Faith based on one's knowledge of the Map that saves you.
If only Socrates and Plato could match the amazing knowledge they had of the Dividing line with that of Holy Scripture. If only they knew how to figure out the light of the Lampstand in the 3 Tabernacles as being the light source, and the screens being the Wall reflecting shadows of the Bread of the Divine Presences.

The 'Mount of Transfiguration' tells us that whether standing, walking, or reclining in the eating of the Bread of the Presences of God, that our mind must be raised to the upper levels to see the full knowledge and Glory of the Messiah, given through the correct translation of Moses and the Prophets through the 3 Tabernacles. We have to be tabernacled 3 times in the raising from the dead, something totally impossible for any man to do, nor by any man's own faith except the true Faith that is given by God Himself.

god said let light shine out of the darkness

"Hear O Israel the Lord your God - the Lord your God is 1."
The reason for this is that the Way in the Scriptures are 1 road to 1 God. The 3 Tabernacles in the Scriptures begin in Genesis culminating in the 2nd and 3rd in Exodus with the inner furnishings. These furnishings are to be carried by 1. Take another look at both accounts in Exodus and you will find that at the end of both accounts Aaron is finished off with the exact clothing that was written about previously. The framework and the coverings are the outside of Aaron, and the furnishings inside is what Aaron will carry on his inside, meaning the handles to the tables etc are to be carried by him and not the many. 4 Rings of the tables here....
"Hear O Israel the Lord your God - the Lord your God is 1."
Each of the Tabernacles, (3000 measures in capacity), fits perfectly into each layer of the Ark (Head) of Noah 50 times, and each layer represents Heaven, so we have the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Heavens. However there are 4 layers and the bottom layer is the realm we live in - this world. Josephus, the great Jewish historian gives us this 4th layer, although, after working out the mysterious Heavenly Temple, it becomes obvious that there is 4 levels to the head of Noah. Noah experienced all 3 Heavenly levels during the storm of teaching. 40 days and 40 nights it poured down and 150 days the rain came. To grasp the meaning of this one has to realise that we have 50 + 50 + 50. Remember the 2 entrances to the Tabernacle, there are 4 posts and 5 posts all 10 cubits long giving us the 40 and 50 we need to work with. Remember, Aaron is the Tabernacle and Noah is the Ark - his head anyway, and as the heart and mind must be 1 with God, Noah walked with God.
Abraham recognised that man is a mere speck of dust in the plan of God. In his humility Abraham was shown that he was just the remains of stardust and the refuse of ashes of long gone stars. Abraham was brought down so low that he was near to a heart breaking death, but God was with him to the end and showed Abraham in a terrifying vision, by Raising him to the upper levels, and showed him his seed to come - the Messiah. As the Scripture says, ' Abraham saw the seed singular and not as the many.' This signifies that the piece-meal that the Prophets were given, is fully accumulated in the Christ - thereby the Christ must have the total mind of God.

treasure in tabernacles of clay

Salvation is of God - and our wealth is banked by Him day by day.

we are not like the masses who peddle the word of god

Why is this? Why would we be pitied above every human being? Because we have rejected the materialism of the world and all its glories, and this is because we have believed the Word of God in all its entirety. God gives His Spirit to guide us into the true way to interpret the Scriptures, and when temptation comes we can reject the evil cunning of our flesh and its false desires. We are able to serve God and live with the least possible means in which the world pities us, because they know we can gain anything in the world through our God given talents. Why did the eunuchs' castrate themselves to enter the Kingdom of Heaven? - because they wanted the permanent riches in heaven than taste the temporary pleasures of this world. There is a scale in which one can save in Heaven and the amount is according to what one gives up in this temporary life. This can only be accomplished by those who have real faith, given by God. Paul talks about being baptised for the dead, this is easy to understand providing one knows what true baptism is. Water is a type of teaching on 4 levels with the required knowledge to walk with God on all 4 levels. Baptism in physical water is a million light years away from true baptism. Everything that man tries to duplicate physically that which is Spiritual is light years from the truth.

What is a blessing? The one that is of God which is invisible to the world, because it happens within you - and it is yours permanently. This blessing from God is a mirror image of what He is saving for you in Heaven. The only way a human can recognise this blessing is if you share it with him by teaching it to him - but no-one will ever grasp it unless they receive the same blessing.

At the 3rd time of the appearing to His Students after the raising from the dead, the Messiah cooked breakfast for them, fish that they had caught, and bread - remembering that revelation comes by the breaking of the mystical food. There were 153 fish - 100 and 50 and 3, 100 and 50 is in relation to a 3rd of the Ark, (The chest and mind of Noah), how do we know this? because John has previously stated that the boat was 200 measures from the seashore when they spotted the Lord. 200 cubits is 2/3 along the Ark and 150 is the times the Tabernacle is divided into the top 3 Heavenly layers. The 3 of the 153 refers to these Heavenly layers. So the Messiah on His 1st appearance was on the 1st Heaven, the 2nd manifestation is on the second Heavenly layer, and His 3rd calling is at the 3rd Heaven where Paul the Apostle saw unspeakable riches and things so wonderful that words cannot be given to them. The Messiah - leading by example to His Students - went into the Wilderness and fasted 40 days and 40 nights. He was then tested by the Evil One 3 times, each according to the 3 Heavens.
"Man cannot live on bread alone, but every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God."
To be Tabernacled is to hold all the furnishings, along with the Ark of the Covenant which is mysteriously embedded into our intelligence. No folks, there will be no biblical artifacts ever found - no not one - If you would like to find Noah's Ark, look inside of yourself and see if the Way is there. In fact if you would like a material for the Ark, try papyrus - something that can be written on because it is the Word of God that the Ark relates to and the mysterious 3 Ways to the Messiah. Of course there is only one Way, but there are three heights to which one has to go to get to Him.
"The greatest shall be the least and the least shall be the greatest."
So you think God gives an equal inheritance to all in Heaven, but the above statement from the Messiah differs. The riches in Heaven that moth, rust or thieves cannot touch are permanent, and God does indeed give one the opportunity to barter with Him for the souls of the lost. This is why we, as students, are to keep our minds completely on Him and His Word - the Holy Scriptures, this is where the True Freedom in Christ comes to the fore, we are to ignore the world because what we have given up for His Name - He will give back 100, 60, and 30 times more. Those who fast for long periods of time so that their minds come under the influence of the Holy Spirit - so that they can learn faster with the mind being pulled upwards - do you think that they have suffered in vain because God shares out equally? Or does God reward according to Faith? Christ was celibate regardless of all the nonsense in the world today, He was sinless and the only one in history able to accomplish what he did. But the Messiah did it all so that His students also have the ability to follow in His footsteps according to the MAP.
A split second before a person receives the Seed of life and awakens, the Scriptures are useless. likewise, a split second after a person is physically dead the Scriptures are again completely useless. Therefore, common sense says that everything in all the Scriptures must be fulfilled in a persons own lifetime. In other words, the Creation, the Flood, the Exodus, the Wilderness, the Cross etc - from the Beginning to the End must be fulfilled from the moment a person realises that he is at the beginning of the Way. It is at this point only when you will know what a new heaven and a new earth really is.

Now we have the 2 lights, the Greater light to rule the Day, and the lesser light to rule the Night. In this temporal Universe they mean the Sun and Moon, but in the Kingdom of Heaven they refer to something else. Son, (Christ), and Moses is the starting point, and if you have trouble with the word Son, use Seeds of light instead. Both of the lights are hidden from man, and are only revealed through Holy Scripture to those designated to enter the empty and void place - the Wilderness. Holy means fully, complete and perfect from fragments of knowledge given by God, and then being reconstituted from fragments of knowledge into the full blown Truth. (Hence, the Breath and Word of God)
Paul says:
"We know in part now, but the time will come when we will know fully."
That time became a reality in the 4th Century when the Scriptures were put together for the first time. Now all things are different to the Way God works today. All the characters in the Scriptures were real people playing their own parts in God's majestic Plan. It is impossible to re-enact the events that happened in the Scriptures because they mean something else now. For instance, the Lesser Light is Moses, and his light comes from the Son, the Messiah. The Greater Light is the Messiah who opens the mind to Moses by Raising one's mind upwards to the upper levels. At the time of the 'New Moon' (Moon is hidden) and the 'Full Moon,' both Moses and the Messiah join together at the upper level drawing the mind upwards to themselves, just as the physical Sun and Moon pull the waters upwards to themselves. The Storms of Learning happen when the Student enters boldly, being full of God's faith, the door to the Long Bridge that one has to cross to Salvation.
The Human brain is designed to take in vast amounts of information, but the body is greedy for other things that are completely irrelevant to knowledge. Every atom in the Universe is refuse to God, because He is Spirit. When the atoms join together to form molecules, all sorts of shapes and sizes of objects materialize. Everything we see and touch is the remnant of stars, and Abraham knew this because he was not restricted to material telescopes or microscopes. Abraham was taught by God, and after suffering enormous pains and torments, Abraham reflected on his marvellous knowledge that God had given him, but he also reflected on how his flesh is of little importance to the Grand Plan of God:
"I am but dust and ashes."
The body is a remarkable city of engineering precision, with buildings such as the eyes for one, and full of technological genius. All the parts of the body join together to form the most complex creation of all, Man. The body has enough power in it and with the right training through the Holy Scriptures, one is not only given the ability to see the Hidden Moses and the Hidden Christ, but the ability to see what one is really like inside. God is not restricted by time and where the Scripture says that He made man in His 'Own Image' He was looking at the finished product. This product is the real man - the inner man.

God has proved His existence through the Holy Scriptures AND everything in the Universe itself. God is Hidden because Christ is Hidden. Christ is Hidden because Moses is Hidden. Holy means perfect and having the full knowledge of not only the Written Word of God, but also having the full blown interpretations to them. But there is a problem here because men are made up of atoms, so what can be Holy? It is the twin, Spiritually cloned by God Himself of course! Where the flesh dies, our Spiritual twin brother lives on in a new and incorruptible body.

minds un-veiled at the reading of mosesin christ

1st in Hebrew, 2nd in Greek and 3rd in Roman, (that which is twinned), is an historic way of following the MAP.
1st in Hebrew, 2nd in Greek and 3rd in English, is the easiest way of following the MAP.

When the Scriptures reference 1st to the Hebrew then to the Greek, they then go on to say 'Written in Hebrew and Greek and Roman' they are saying that the Hebrew and the Greek come together where translation is concerned, because 'Roman' is relative to being twinned, that is, Romulus and Remus (twins) on whom Rome was founded. So begin with the Hebrew and search until you find out why the Scribes of old translated into Greek in sometimes different and yet fuller ways as if putting an extension into the Hebrew meanings.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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