The same as water is representative of teaching, the Great Sea of the Temple is also a type of teaching that is both telescopic and microscopic. It is like viewing the creation through a fish eye lens. After all, the diameter is 10 measures, the height 5 measures, and the circumference is 30 measures. For the same reason, John was pointing back to the Tabernacle and Ark when he specifically named the number of the fish that the students of Christ had caught on His 3rd visit - 100 + 50 + 3. Jonah had a similar nightmarish experience in the Great Sea as did Noah. The Messiah commands that His Students must observe through the single eye, the Spiritual eye.

the great sea - to see the risen and hidden christ through the hidden moses, and the hidden elijah

Scripture tells us that there is a time when one has to put down the Scriptures and to follow God - but when? Time is always in God's hands, so we have lost straight away if we stick to Earth time! When God has prepared one fully to do as He requires it is something between Him and the student in which no other human being has a part. It is so personal that to bring any other human being in is to insult both God's intelligence and His ability. Does God have a temper - you bet He has! Those whom He loves He chastises. In our classroom we learn from the best and most loving Teacher who wants no more than for us to be men of Scriptural Truth. We learn the hard way through a caring Teacher who corrects us when we err so that we learn by our mistakes through His Holy Scriptures. Remember that Moses was told to take his shoes off on Holy ground, he was to take nothing of this world to God. God does not care about one single thing in this Universe - it is refuse to Him, but the teaching of His Children is why the creation exists at all, and He will not fail with His Children. We are in this world but not part of it. We were in the world, but God took us out to learn of the Heavenly mysteries, and then sends us back again to learn even more splendour - We are observers only. I am getting used to my Spiritual Brother that God has cloned for me in Heaven. When Christ talks about loving your Brother - this is the Brother He is talking about. At first, our spiritual Brother is at enmity with us because the true Jihad takes place - flesh and Spirit warring until the flesh becomes submissive to the Spirit. When the flesh and Spirit become one, it is easy to move forwards and to start to learn real Spiritual Truth. Our Spiritual Brother is always in Heaven being built by God, and although we are here, on Earth, it is necessary to be united with our Heavenly Brother, by the Raising of the mind towards Heaven. It is impossible for anything in Heaven to come into our Universe, but God being the Genius of all things has made it possible to stretch these beautiful minds of ours upwards to the Heavenly. If one drop of anything Spiritual came into our existence there would be unprecedented catastrophes unheard of. There is nothing Holy in this Universe, only replications - shadows of the real things. This is why God - through simple logic - has demanded that we do not make images of Heavenly things, because they are billions of light years apart - no comparison. Whatever man makes to represent Heavenly things is stupidity on his part, because he has not seen anything Heavenly.
How can anything made of refuse represent anything Spiritual? Aaron's Priestly garments were wonderful if one could see inside of his brain, otherwise he was unrecognisable. God dressed Aaron after the Tabernacle was built - on both occasions that it was written about in Exodus? What was recorded before the dressing of Aaron, is actually what God was building inside of him. There is more chance of Aaron, or indeed any of the Prophets, being dressed in squalor than anything else because of the way God prepared them. Paul gives an example of the appearance of Christ Himself. Christ was of no comely appearance meaning that there was not one single man able to discern who He really was. And He is the same today and forever - as long as this earth exists anyway.
The great storm is so horrendous that it is impossible for any man to Pass over without any knowledge of the Scriptures. One thanks God beforehand for all His help in raising His Holy Prophets to bring man the only Truth capable of keeping him afloat. According to the Scriptures there is a mystical bridge that passes through the nightmare! The bridge is taught fully in Moses and the Prophets, but finding it is another matter:
"Seek and you will find!"
Paul was heading towards Spain, which is the Span - or Bridge that he had been prepared for. If you think that you can Pass over the Deceiver on the Bridge without knowing all of the Scriptures, then you have got courage unheard of! Satan knows the Scripures back to front in every language, but he cannot interpret them as God has written them - this is witheld from Satan. The Scriptures are only a launch pad to higher things, and without God there is no possible way to find the Road that leads to it. The god of this World, although he thinks that he is powerful, has no possible chance of competing with the One True God whatsoever - there is no competition. God plays games with the Deceiver, He always has done! The difference between God and Satan is like a quintillion Einsteins up against a five year old boy - laughable. This is why we have to be One with God, and trained by Him. God has to train us so that we can face the Deceiver in the Scriptural Truth, and that can only be taught to us by God Himself. God Himself - not a church - not a member of the family - not any human being, nor any institution, can save anyone from this World and its god. God is One, and you have to be One with Him. This World is easy meat for the Deceiver - he owns the World and everything in it, and he is doing a great job in his deceptions and lies, but those called and chosen by God, and therefore taught by Him see right through Satan.

No-one can find the mystical Bridge without Moses, but then you will need the Messiah to open up the mind to its true meanings. Changing from the teaching of Water to the teaching of New Wine after being cloned to your Spiritual brother, and it is like having a real party with the best Rose' Champagne, bubbling with new and everlasting life. The precious Blood of the Hidden and Risen Christ is not to make men rich in material refuse, or financial gains as they do in this world, but to cover sin and thereby enabling the partaker the absolute freedom to learn the Divine Truth.
And God's Ways' are totally different than that of men!
The real partakers of the Precious Blood are those who have had their eyes opened to Moses, and their ears opened to the Prophets. Where once we lived in darkness, we now live in His Glorious Light.
God said to Moses: " It is I who cause the blindness, and the deafness, and the reason why the dumb do not speak."

If your mind has been prepared for the MAP you will see Paradise here on earth. Eden is a condition of being Tabernacled in this life according to the patterns given by God Himself, and not that of the Deceiver. Anyway, in this garden, being the Universe as we see it after the rebirth of our minds, we see many trees with excellent tasting fruit. In the midst of this Universe of Teachers and their excellent teachings, there is one that is forbidden - but which one is it? Not only is there this Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, there is another tree, much harder to find, that gives life to those who find it and partake of it.
Without knowing Moses and the Prophets it is impossible to distinguish the one Tree from the other, because all the answers to life are contained within Holy Scripture. Holy means that which is Whole, a totality that gives perfection with no room for lies nor even half truths commonly called 'white lies.'
Just as man 2000 years ago thought that God had been silent for centuries, so they ate, drank, danced and took no notice of the Scriptures at all. God does not stop working, and He has penned every thought and every action of all the deceivers and partakers of the cup of demons. The time is coming when the Real Truth will be known and there are not enough hills and caves to hide the deceivers in.
God remembers the True Prophets whom He had taught, and were tortured and murdered to bring us the Scriptures. The World today would give them the same treatment if they were to re-appear, but they are here - one only has to read about their wondrous exploits in the Holy Scriptures.
If God put an angel the size of the Sears Tower on everyones doorstep, and this angel said that the only way to know God is by sacrificing the temporary things of the World, and to study hard His Holy Word, would not God suddenly have students galore! But God does not do things this way - the Scriptures prove it. You are either 'Called' out of this World, and then 'Chosen' to be taught by Him, or not. It is enough to be good in this World by realising that it is God's Classroom, and that Teaching is the greatest honour of all. Not that 'good' means anything at all to God. People with loads of money should make sure that every child in their locality has a laptop so that the children have the best tools to learn from. Every musician with loads of money should invest their money in children who have little money. Teaching children should be first, middle and last. Anyone rich in whatever they do should share their wealth with children regardless of who they are. This is what john the Baptiser meant when he was answering the people in the Wilderness, (This is when God catches you when you are all alone and pondering your life).

The Prophets had to spend time in sackcloth? If one was to put sackcloth on, the first thing one feels is an incredible urge to scratch all over to get rid of the itching. The problem is the more one scratched the more itchier the body became, and before long sores appeared all over the body. If that was not enough, the itching increased and the sores turned to boils and all kinds of tormenting things appeared. The question is - was God cruel to put the Prophets through such trials, and then pass it on to Israel to do the same. Now the ignorant of God, (represented as pigs), not knowing anything at all about the Scriptures are the first to judge God as being cruel and wicked.
So then, put the sackcloth on your mind to view the Scriptures, and when you get through the pain barrier, you will see things in a new way. Think of the olive press and the layers of sackcloth with the olives set out in rows between each one. The pressure needed to press out the pure olive oil is immense, but this part of the olive oil is used in the Lampstand within, and another part is used for the food of this world mixed with the Heavenly food to give us what we need to understand the Scriptures.
The sackcloth is also used for grapes, and the immense pressure is used to produce the best part of the wine, and this is the teaching of the Hidden and Risen Messiah. So drink up, and refresh your glass with the new wine! The glass is representative of your brain of course, (Ever wondered why the Christ had His last meal with a man carrying a stone jar full of water)?

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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