The Miraculous Bread and Wine, and 'The Mysterious Cube'

knowledge is like seed - planted - but we do not need to keep watch over it, because through the rain of the Divine it will grow of its own accord! There are different levels and different angles in viewing Divine things, remembering that God's ways are different than those of men, and God's thoughts are different than those of men. All we need is Scriptural Truth embedded deep into our minds, and when it is - everything in the material World is magnified into significance. The problem the Jews had with the Messiah 2000 years ago is that they thought he was changing Moses and the Prophets, when in fact he was teaching them from different angles, and sometimes on a different level according to the level of intelligence of his hearers.

The light in the Darkness: Darklights

The mystery of the shorthand New Testament is given by interpreting the proofs of the Messiah as jotted down by the Writers of the Ancient Texts. Bearing in mind first that the Writers of the NT were writing to people who had sufficient knowledge of the Scriptures - this is why they wrote in fragments.
More is written in the Scriptures on the Tabernacle than anything else, and with the Chest of Noah on one side, and the Temple of Wisdom (Solomon) on the other there is an ocean of treasure buried deep within them. The Writers of the New Testament each wrote down through the angles they could see at the time of writing. Some could see other writers texts and then added or changed them according to the angles of the mystery Cube, as we shall see later. We will often see one writer naming 1 person, while another author names 2 persons, and sometimes more. The one important thing to note is that all the writers were under the influence of the Spirit of Genius. Firstly then, let us see for ourselves the Power of the Writers in accomplishing things so phenomenal. We will start with the Messiah in a ship with his students. They had only taken 1 loaf of bread with them and they were deliberating the remark given by the Messiah:
"Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Herodians,"
It takes little to remind ourselves what the natures of these two types of people are ( the Scriptures tell us exactly who they were) - the Pharisee is the greedy religionist who knows nothing of the Scriptures at all, the Herodian is someone who thinks he is king but needs others to enlighten him without learning himself. The leaven is the lies or 'Spin' doctoring of the Truth that drowns the people into the wine of false promises that cannot be kept - the students of the Messiah could not grasp the importance of the Bread and the Wine of Truth that is so hard to see and hear without Divine comprehension. The good thing out of the following texts is that the Messiah - although outraged by the ignorance of his students - is that he said to them:
"Do you not comprehend yet." - it was not until after the resurrection that they understood anything. The Messiah was concerned and angered that his students, although they were seeing the signs of Moses and the Prophets through his phenomenal teaching, they were slow to grasp the hidden Truths of what he said, and did right in front of them. Let us have a look in more detail at these remarkable texts as written by the Holy Spirit through his Prophets - we will come back to the interpretations later:

Misunderstanding the mysterious teaching of the Bread of Heaven


Now they had neglected to take in bread; and they had only 1 loaf with them in the boat.


And he alerted them, saying: "Recognize and comprehend, observe the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of the Herodians."


And they deliberated with each other, having no bread?


Recognizing this, he said to them: "Why do you deliberate the fact that you have no bread? Do you not yet discern or understand - are your hearts blinded?


Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear? And do you not remember?



When I broke the 5 loaves for the 5000, how many the wreathed caskets filled of broken pieces did you take in?" They said to him: "12."

We start with the 5000 - the doorway to the Tabernacle and then move to the 4000, the doorway to the Holiest Place - it is what is in between that is important here.


"And the 7 for the 4000, how many the woven caskets filled of broken pieces did you take in?" And they said to him: "7."


And he said to them: "Do you not yet understand?"

Access the 5000 here. Notice all the accounts begin with the 5000 men followed by the 4000 - this is extremely important to know, especially what happened after each event.

Access the 4000 here.

Access the Table of the Bread of the Presences (Psalm 23)here.

Access the Table of the Bread of the Presences (Exodus 25) here.

Access the Lampstand here.
In Psalm 23 we find the words shadow, anointing oil, table, measuring rule (Branch), cup of wine, the very things found in the Tabernacle of knowledge in the desert. The shadow of the Bread of the Presences of God are cast upon the screen, right behind the Table itself. The light comes from the Lampstand - a Tree of Life - that has 6 branches, 3 on either side of it. As the Breads are in 2 rows of 6, you can imagine the same thing on the screen behind it - except the shadows are obviously much larger, and shadows refer to future events accomplished through the teaching of the Prophets. The question is; what is David looking at through sheer distress? He has the Table laid out with the Bread of the Presences of God, but he has something on his left and right side? On the screens - veils of secrecy - are embroideries of Cherubim, and creations of the natural World - and Men. But who are these Men? The entrance to the Tabernacle has 5 pillars of knowledge 10 cubits high - that is 50 measures in total, however, there is a screen that covers these pillars according to the dimension of the entrance, that being 10 x 10 which is of course is 100. Can you spot what the Writers of the NT were looking at? Mark states that the men were put into Symposiums' and Prasias' in 100's and 50's, now by going back to the entrance of the Tabernacle and multiplying the area 100 by the pillars of knowledge 50, we have 5000, and do likewise with the entrance of the Holiest Place - 4 pillars of knowledge 10 cubits high equalling 4, and multiplying by the area we have 100 x 4 equalling 4000. The whole area of the courtyard is 100 x 50! The point is though, do you see why the Writers of the NT were specific to write down exact specifications to Moses and the Prophets in a special way as directed by the Holy Spirit. All the Writers put the 5000 1st, and the 4000 2nd, (the Holiest place is always referred to as the 2nd Taverna!) and as you can see from above, the Messiah puts them in the exact order as do the Writers. This is because of 2 things - the 1st being as explained above - they are the sequence of entry into the Tabernacle, and secondly a different event happens after both. After the 1st, 5000 with the Breads of barley, the Disciples were at first asked to go and understand:
"How many loaves do you have," and they obviously did not comprehend - they said 5 loaves and 2 fish which meant nothing at all to them. After the Disciples picked up or gathered (comprehended) the fragments, the 12 Disciples were put into distressful and terrifying ordeals in a ship on the sea to test their faith - this is the only way the Messiah knew whether they were working on their own faith, or the faith given by God.
Secondly, after the 4000, the Messiah went straight into teaching his students and this is when the religious authorities were seeking a sign (proof) from him, but he replied:
"No sign shall be given to this evil generation," except of course, the sign of Jonah, and this is where the word used for baskets comes into its own interpretation. The word used is spuridios, and its root is in fish, especially being tied forcibly to one, so the sign of Jonah had already been given to them - blind guides is what the Messiah called them - we can see why! The 12 caskets for the 5000 is where the word coffins come from - so death is obviously referred to here and we can see why the death of 1 man leads to the life of the many, and that life is the knowledge that leads to faith. Faith and knowledge increase together. Of course, when the Disciples asked the Messiah to increase their faith, he then taught them a higher learning that led to storms and suffering - hence the Parable of the Sower and the pure in mind receiving a 100 fold!
After the teaching of the 4000 the students of the Messiah gathered in fragments from the 7 loaves and small fishes, 7 weaved caskets in total, but these were unlike the ones used for the 5000. Whereas the 5loaves for the 5000 represented the Torah, the 7 for the 4000 represented the lamps inside the Tabernacle, hence Pentecost and Weeks, (the 50th Day and 7 Weeks of Divine education), and therefore the Prophets, and likewise, as they represent the Prophets - future events that are changed from what was first thought of. The lamps on this Tree Lampstand had to be specially dressed by Aaron - the 6 lamps - 3 on either side. What Aaron had to do was to split the wick in the middle to make 2 wicks in each of the 6 lamps so that a half light pointed at each of the Breads on the Table of the Presences - this is one reason why the Breads were in 2 rows of 6. These loaves incidentally have different colors shining on them and they represent a banquet fit for a king.

The Great Sea

It is knowing the Writings in full that we come to the realisation that all of them point to a central focus - a stem that is the central light of the Tree Lampstand - the Messiah walked in the midst of the lampstands and: "I am the Vine and you are the branches." The Messiah's earthly teaching zone is the best way of describing the Tabernacle - or Taverna (Symposium in which the Ancient Greeks were masters). We know that there are 7 lamps on the Tree Lampstand, yet emphasis is given in equal measure to the 22 'Bulbs' on the tree as giving invisible light (knowledge) as well. There are 7 bulbs - 3 either side of the central 1 underneath the almond cups containing the oil for the light. But there are 3 more bulbs beneath this central bulb giving us 4 on the central shaft and 3 on either side. Consider this - the Lampstand is to be tilted towards the Breads of the Presences (2 rows of 6) to throw light upon them. In other words to cast giant shadows on the screen behind. These screens themselves are uniquely embroided - remembering embroidery is the construction of mental reasoning - but these screens have peculiar objects stitched with precision into them, Cherubim, Men, and the things of the natural and scientific world around us, and everywhere filling up the universe. If we look at the 7 Lamps and see them as representing the Great Hearing and Foot Festivals in which the Jews had to celebrate solemnly - we can then with accuracy number the Lamps accordingly. ( 1) Passover, (2) Unleavened Bread, (3) Firstfruits, (4) 50th Day aligned with 7 Weeks, (5) Atonement, (6) Music of the Horn section, (7) Ingathering of the Tabernacles.
The Fathers and Sons of Israel (Teachers and Students - Male or Female) had to walk to Jerusalem 3 times a year for special indoctrination enabling 3 to become 1 so that the 1st 3 lamps become equal to 1 Day, as with the last 3, so we have (1), Unleavened Breads, (2), the 50th Day/7Weeks, and (3), Ingathering of the Tabernacles. - in other words gathering in the words of the Divine. Going back to the Lampstand we will look at these special 3 days of the (1) Unleavened Bread - which is on the 15th Day of the 1st Month, and then moving 50 days to (2) Pentecost/Shavuot, and then 130 Days to (3), Tabernacles, so that we have 50 + 130 days, but are they normal days? Write this figure down as we will see what tithing the Divine way really means!(End of section 1).

(Lampblack was ink used in writing Scripture, light and darkness coming together. The darklights of the bulbs on the Tree are 4 on the central stem and 3 on each branch - Aaron has 4 rows of 3 different colored stones on his breastplate corresponding to the different colored Breads on the Table. The Tree (Bush) that Moses heard the voice of God came from different colored lights of fire (tongues) upon the Holy Mount in which he was told all about the Tabernacle and all its furnishings. Moses never spoke to the Sons of Israel except through Aaron his Brother, and Joshuah was with Moses upon the Mount all the time!)

(Start of section 2): Now the 6 lights on the Lampstand are linked so that 3 of the branches are linked to the 3 on the 'Other Side' in other words joined in a semi-circular fashion giving 180' degrees. Obviously from the 15th day of the 1st Month to the 15th Day of the 7th Month gives us 180 Days, same as the 180 degrees of the branches of the Lampstand (Incidentally, the Scriptures use the unnatural 30 day Month). The most important above is the 50 Days and the 130 Days, but let us look at this from an entirely different angle and on a new level. What if the reference to fish in Jonah means something entirely different than that which was once thought? What if the fish in Scripture is relating to 'Like a Fish' in other words seeing things in the depths. A fish can go where no man can exist - it can breathe under water and it can see things not possible for a man. A fish can endure great pressures that would burst open the lungs of man. How many treasures are there on the ocean floor? Water - and its different levels - represent a type of teaching that links the great teacher, John the Baptist, with the rest of the Hebrew Prophets. In Jonah, the Scripture states that it was not a fish, but a sea monster, but what if the reference is to a great and enormous see. After all, the account in Jonah is the emphasis on what Jonah was seeing of the Divine Way, which is different than that of men. Jonah was seeing and understanding Divine Creation from the depths of his own and personal sheol - the depths of his hell, but as the Prophets had the Keys to both the Kingdom of Heaven and what is commonly called Hell, then it is rational to gather that they actually had the ability to go where no man dares to go except with Divine teaching and preparation! The reason I am saying this is that the Great Sea at the Temple is a semi-hemispherical object encased in a cube, and is 30 cubits in circumference, 10 in diameter and 5 cubits high. If you know how to tithe (Divide by 10) the Scriptures you will understand the Logic of John, where he states in his Writing that there were 153 great fish caught, it is when we see how it is written that things become apparent: 100, 50, 3. John also states that the ship was 200 cubits from the Way, so we have a direct connection to Moses in that the Chest of Noah which is 300 x 50 x 30. However, 200 cubits is 2/3 the length, and 1 x 50 x 30 the volume of the other 1/3. Can you see the angles now, and if fishing is angling for information, then so be it! It goes on and on - the teaching waters of Noah were prevailing over a 150 day period cutting and diminishing, but is it really a coincidence that the Teaching Tabernacle in the wilderness is 150 times diminished in size to the Chest of Noah. In my color translation of the account of Noah, I call the 'Ark' the Chest of Noah, but I may as well call it the Head of Noah, because the Scriptures prove beyond doubt that God is only interested in teaching mankind His ways, and His thoughts that work on multi-levels and angles that mankind will never fathom out by himself! But the Scriptures are here so that they can be fathomed out with hard work and perseverance. There is a reason why I seem to go from place to place, but I always end up at the correct location - Moses led Israel out of Egypt the long way round to get to the Red Sea - or should we say the 'Blood See', if the Blood was a protection to Israel in Egypt from the Destroyer, why not know the Power of the Blood as a rescuer at all times? The Great Sea comes to mind at this particular time - this strange object is both telescopic and microscopic - it holds the keys to the depths and the heights. The Great See is a 1/2 sphere inside a 1/2 cube and if we put the other 1/2 x 10 x 10 - the volume of the Holiest Place, the 2nd Taverna. But as the Great See contained water it would be fair to assume that the water at some time will be turned into wine - from one type of teaching to another - as it is written:
"You will not need the light to walk by Day, nor the moon to walk by Night, for I the Lord Teacher shall be your Glory."
Let us look at the 4 pillars hidden by the screen, they are 20 cubits from the entrance of the Holy Place, but if we look at the boards - treadboards - which are 1.5 wide we will find that the 4 pillars are situated 1/3 of the 14th board, in other words the 4 pillars with its screen is 13 and a 1/3 inside the Tabernacle, and as we need on this occasion to reach a full number, we would then need 3 Tabernacles making the length 40 cubits. The point here is that the Scripture relating to Peter not knowing the reason for the 3 Tabernacles up the Mount of Tranfiguration is because he (Peter) and all who are Christian must be Tabernacled 3 times; (1) to learn all about Moses, (2) All the Prophets, and (3) The Messiah Himself, who, through the Holy Spirit is the Teacher of all things Ancient, and all things Present and all things Future! Incidentally, this is why Luke states that Emmaus (Hot Baths) is 60 measures from Jerusalem, this is the distance of the 3 Tabernacles being One in Christ - it is where the Messiah opened up the minds of 2 of his students to all the Scriptures beginning with Moses and all the Prophets. The Messiah opened the minds of his 2 students to (1), Moses, (2), All the Prophets and the (3), Psalms concerning Himself over a 60 measured distance, and leading to these Hot Baths relating to the baptism of knowledge. But it was only at the breaking of Bread that they understood who the Messiah was! So if the boards are 13 and 1/3 inside the Tabernacle, then it is easy to work out the length inside the Holiest Place: 6 and 2/3. At the Wedding in Cana, the reference is given to the 6 stone shoulder jars with enough room for 2 or 3 measures, remember the 2 stones of Moses, well it was asked of the Messiah that if He really was whom He claimed to be, then He could turn stones into Bread. Not only could the Genius Messiah turn stones into Bread, He also turned the waters into Wines - and the best Wines at that, in which He leaves the best until last! There are a number of these Symposiums in the New Testament that can only be accessed through Moses and the Prophets, and of course, Plato gives us a great understanding of them. What then is this water in the Holiest Place? - we have the Ark of the Covenant containing its raw Divine intelligence, but where is the connection to the waters of the Great See? Perhaps Abraham can share a little light on this! Abraham, through a terrifying and distressful ordeal envisioned 3 sacrificial animals, each 3 years old in which he is to cut straight in the middle. Abraham had then to set the carcases out exactly as to the pattern shown him - just as Moses and Noah were shown patterns from above. When Abraham had accomplished this, he went into deeper trauma and suddenly a flaming furnace passed through the middle of the carcases. The point is, what did Abraham see in the skins after eating the sacrificial meat. Well, we know that the animals were 3 years old, and dividing these figures into 2 we have 6 x 1 and a 1/2, or, to be more precise, 6 skins equalling 3/2. Abraham must of seen these skins being sewn into 1st, water-skins and 2nd, Wine-skins each containing 2 or 3 measures, but as water and wine relate to specialised teaching in the Scriptures, it becomes obvious to what the Messiah was relating to when he said: "Abraham saw my Day, and he rejoiced!" and in the Letter to the Hebrews it states that Levi actually tithed out of Abraham, while he was yet in the loins of Abraham - this is relating to Abraham tithing to Melchisadek a tithe of everything he had plundered. In other words Abraham gave to God the glory of his own learning, and that because it was God's glory in the first place, Abraham then paid back all to its original Owner. We can now make a change to make advanced Judaism more easily understood.

The Ark ( Chest ) of the Covenant containing the 2 stones of the Law is 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5, now at first I reckoned that the cube 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 divided by the remainder is equal to 1.5 - try it and see for yourself! But I wanted to know how to tie in the connection of this Ship of the Desert - sometimes with a fish-like appearance to the rest of Scriptures and the change came in the early 90's when I was pondering over Paul and his hazardous journey on a ship with the Twins as its figure-head. Well the Writer of The Acts of the Apostles - inspired by the Holy Spirit - made it known that there were 276 souls saved. Now I am only aware of 1 salvation and that is my own, as Paul says: "We are to work our own Salvation out with tears and trembling," in other words, Paul is saying even though there are religions claiming that they take responsibility for you - well - they cannot save themselves! Anyway, as I am pondering over these Twins, my mind suddenly switched to the 276 souls saved and realised that the key to everything is in division. I divided 27>0 by the 3rd number and, hey-presto, it came up as 45, the same time that I changed the Ark of the Covenant by doubling the dimension from 5/2 x 3/2 x 3/2 to reach 5 x 3 x 3 which also comes to 45, and as the volume of the Chest of Noah comes to 450,000 the connection is made, proving that working hard on something produces rewards! The bulbs of dark-light (Not the 7 lamps themselves) of the Lampstand as we have seen has a 3:1 ratio to the left, and to the right, and beneath it, but we will look at another angle in this section. There are 4 bulbs of dark-light down the central shaft so that we have 4 with 3 either side, remember for now that the jewels on Aaron's breastplate were in 4 rows of 3 - this is important! Now then, remember the Great Sea - with its microscopic ability - let us look at the relevance in another part of Scripture that points to the same thing. There is a place that Israel had to gather, and its name is Sheckem, meaning shoulders. At the head of this place, called the shoulders, are 2 mounds, one called Ebal, (Stone), and the other is called Gerizim (cutting). Israel had to muster according to a pattern shown Moses, the 12 were amassed in front of the 2 mounds, and also 6 dispatches were sent up on top of each mound according to the 12 names of Israel, 6 names on each mound, or to put it another way - either side of the shoulders (Sheckem). The importance of these 2 mounds is in the name, 'Cut Stones,' and these would relate to a jeweler as the finest quality gemstones. We are now going to use the Great See and its microscopic peculiarity and go back into the Tabernacle - but before we do - outside the Tabernacle Aaron (Teacher of Light), the Brother of Moses is being Divinely Clothed with the miniature version of the Tabernacle and its vessels. Back to the Lampstand then, with its lights thrown onto then Breads of the Presences that are in 2 rows of 6 upon the Table. We will name each row of 6 Breads according to the 12 names of Israel - 6 on each side (Turning Stones into Bread is important here!) Aaron has already split the wicks of the lamps into 2 so that each almond bowl of pure olive oil contains 2 lights each, 6 on the left side of the Lampstand throwing light on the 1st row of 6 Breads, and likewise, the other side on the right. This is where we use our God given intelligence - 2 by 2 meaning that the first 2 breads are going to pound into Aaron's shoulders simultaneously, and each pounding is going to illuminate the 12 stones on his breast-plate of Divine Righteousness. So in 6 steps the 6 Breads in 2 rows on either side of the Table are going to pound down upon Aaron's shoulders, and in each step the 12 stones are going to light up; and 12 x 12 equals 144, and this is why the writer of the Revelation, through the Holy Spirit, states that the Wall (Gemstone) of Heavenly Jerusalem is made of 144 cubits square. Remember that Heavenly Jerusalem is a gigantic and telescopic cube, and when we come to my mystery Cube it will become more apparent to how the Scriptures were written! But for now, remember that the 12 jewels in the Breastplate of righteousness are all of a different color, and that the Tree in the Revelation has 12 different fruits - 1 for each Month of the year, and there is healing in its leaves! Do you see the connection between this Tree in the Revelation and the Tree in the Tabernacle with its branches of lights? On a large scale we had the event in Sheckem - the 2 gemstones with the 6 names of Israel on each. On an intermediary scale we had the Table of the Presences with its 2 rows of Bread. And finally we have Aaron enacting the same things on a smaller scale with his 2 stones with the 6 names of Israel on each shoulder, and the breast Plate of Divine Righteousness in the front of him as a Wall of protection from the Evil One in the Wilderness of Testing and Trial.

The mystery Cube

Do we have our own twin brother according to the Scriptures; being created from Genesis onwards?
Imagine a cube in your hand, look at it straight on, you will see 1 Turn the cube 1/2 a turn, left or right (Back to front), and you will see 2 faces. Turn the cube 1/2 a turn, up or down, (Upside down) and you will now see 3 faces and this is the limit. Now do the same thing in a mirror, (Use your imagination), from step 1, and you will now see 2 faces of the cube Step 2 and you will see 4 faces, and step 3 and you will see 6 faces. Go back to the Tree Lampstand and we will find that a bulb has been specially assigned to rest under the top 2 branches, another under the middle); 4 branches, and another under the lower 6 branches, remembering that the lights, (Visible or invisible), throw light on the 2 rows of 6 Breads - 1 row on either side of the Table of the Bread of the Presences of God. Still with the Tree Lampstand - Aaron had to dress the wicks 3 on either side of the main light, in other words - split the wicks in 1/2 so that an 1/2 light from the 6 wicks throw light at the 6 Breads on 1 side, and the same with the other side. In the Creation it states that the Divine split the Darkness in 2, and then the Light in 2 so that the 1st 3 Days and 1st 3 Nights were split into 6 invisible Spiritual lights, and 6 visible Spiritual lights - remember that God cut into 2 both the Dark and the Light. The Tree Lampstand had 3 levels, the lower level, the 2nd level,and the 3rd level. But so did the Chest of Noah have a lower level, a 2nd level, and a 3rd level, and his Chest, according to both Hebrew and Greek, had nests of winged creatures the same as the Veils of the Tabernacle and the 2 that cover the Chest of the Covernant in the Holiest Place. Remember that the Tabernacle is exactly 150 times diminished in size to Noah's Chest because the cutting waters were prevailing for 150 days upon the Way! Keep in mind that mountains and tree's in ancient texts refer to great teachers, or great teachings that are present, or those that have gone before. This is why the Scriptures state the trees and the mountains will clap and shout for joy. And one with little faith can say to the tree or the mountain: "Uproot yourself and throw yourself into the sea!" Looking at Noah and the Tabernacle we find the diminishing from large to small again as above. We can now go forward and look at the Temple of Solomon, (The Temple of Wisdom) and we find that we now have 10 Tree Lampstands and 10 Table of Bread of the Presences. We now have 60 Breads on 1 side, and 60 on the other side. Likewise there are 30 branches on 1 side of the Tree Lampstand, and 30 on the other. You should be able to see why Luke states emphatically that there were 120 in the upper room in the Book of the Actions of the Apostles:Chapter One, according to the Breads in the Temple, and the 120 x 1/2 lights. The Scriptures specifically states that the students of the Messiah were in the Temple continuously, therefore house, or houses is in relation to Temple(s). It is fair to say here that the only difference between the Tabernacle, or Tavernas' and the Temple(s) is that the former are temporary and moving, and the latter permanent and steadfast! The next step in the Temple is as important as the rest, there are peculiar windows and doorways: 3 sets of windows with 3 sets of doors underneath. These windows though are like no other, because they are beveled inwards so that they let light out, and not the other way around! The doors are set giving a choice whether one goes through either of the 3, according to the light given out from the 3 windows above!
Now that we have 3 windows that give out light we can see them as peculiar mirrors. So let us go back to the mystery Cube and instead of looking at the Cube through 1 mirror, let us look through 3. We have 1 face in front of us, but through the 3 mirrors we see 4 faces (1:3). Turn a 1/2 turn to the left or right and we have 8 faces (2:6), and finally a 1/2 turn, up or down, and we have 2 faces (3:9).
The point of these mirrors is that when we looked at the faces of the cube without them we were limited to the number of angles possible. But with someone from the 'Other Side' we then have the ability to see things from numerous angles, and of course, different levels according to the Tree Lampstand and the Breads of the Presences meaning the Divine Presences as seen through the mirrors. So who are these Divine Presences? From beginning to end the Scriptures continually refer to Brother - in particular - Twin Brother who is obviously Spiritual and given by the Divine Himself. The peculiar thing with the Scriptures is that they seem to relate to the many, however when all the Scriptures are studied - from beginning to end - we then come to the main reason of the Divine Logic: "Hear 'O' Israel, the Lord your God: The Lord your God is 1." So all things written refer to singularity and not to the plural and is the reason the Messiah relates to loving your Brother in the singular, and when he is teaching the many he is simply saying the same thing: "Love your Brethren," meaning that each person is to Love their own Brother - Divine logic comes into to its own.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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