The Book of Life given to Joshuah.

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This book of the Instructions of Life shall not be removed out of your mouth. You will suffer and cultivate them day and night, that you may observe and understand them fully, to accomplish everything according to all that is written. For then you will make your Way enriching, and then you will be widely understood as having wisdom.



On that day the Lord Teacher magnified Joshua in the intelligence of all Israel; and they feared him, as they were with Moses - all the days of his life.

Without the Scriptures it is impossible to know the Way of the Messiah, Not believing in Moses is not believing in the Messiah at all!
The Apostle John said that there were not enough books in the whole World to contain what his teacher - the Messiah - taught his students when He was 'with' them?
The New testament is written in shorthand, and if one expanded it - one would have Moses, all the Prophets and the Psalms right in front of one's eyes, as well as many other writings which are so diverse as well! We have the Messiah, the Real Thing. Those who wrote the Scriptures not only demonstrated their devotion to their teachers, but also suffered severe tortures and murders so that we who are students now may join them in the long and hard Way of the Divine.

Faith comes by hearing and and comprehending the Word of God, not by listening without understanding. The Messiah said to Nicodemos: "If you do not believe in the natural things of the World - how can you believe in that which is Spiritual?" In other words - if it is difficult to learn things educationally in this World, and with things that you can 'physically' see, how much more harder is it then to believe in that which is invisible!
The only difference in what one has achieved in this life - and the life to come - is that the rewards of God, which are banked up by Him, are unimaginable - beyond human comprehension! Who on this planet had the power to buy or steal anything from Einsteins mind? Why is it that God blessed Einstein - a man - among others - with a remarkable intelligence that benefited mankind enormously?
It was said to Abraham by the Divine Himself: "Your faith will be counted as righteousness," in other words, Abraham's faith was knowing that his own physical education came from He who is both Spiritual and invisible, thus enabling the Divine to store riches in heaven for Abraham. To sum up, Abraham's Spiritual teaching was the proof of his spiritual training that came from his believing in He who is invisible, and thereby obtaining Salvation in heaven through God, who saves true eternal riches to anyone who does likewise.
Another point is with King David who said that: "My Son cannot come back to me - but I can go to him," David's Son was dead - his soul taken away as a punishment because of David's sin against God, yet through true faith and storing up true wealth in heaven, one has bargaining power with God.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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