DNA and RNA of the Messengers of God.

The peculiar thing about the Ark and the Temple is the multitudous cells built within them. Wood and stone relate to the skull wood relating to the temporary and stone to longevity. If you look at the Ark as being built with papyrus, that is, something that can be written on - like paper, you will be close to what is real. Now when the Ark went up to the 1st level, Noah could see 1/3 of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms. On reaching the 2nd level, Noah could now see 2/3 of the WAY. And then reaching the 3rd level, Noah could see 3/3, namely Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms. It is at this 3rd level that all the Scriptures are underneath you and instead of being in black and white, they are brought to life in glorious multi-colored splendour. There are 3 upper levels, there are 3 lower levels which is hell on the earth and under the earth. At the bottom level, the 3rd level is where one is served the vinegary wine - providing one is serving God, and is one of His Students with the courage to follow Him. Because one is right down in the dumps, the pits and the sewers of this life, one is also looking upwards to the middle point. On the 3rd level above is the sparkling Rose Champagne, bubbling with life anew.

To find the Hidden Christ one must Rise to meet Him, and before one can Rise, one must descend into the depths. Do you know what it means where the Scripture says that the Spirit of God hovered over the depths? While Christ was on this earth, He walked along the earth, below the earth, and above the earth simultaneously. Christ walked on the levels of storms as though it were a walk in the park, yet His Students were terrified through unbelief. And guess what - even though Christ astonished the people with His phenomenal teachings, they never actually believed who He was until after the resurrection - the Rising of Christ! Right up until the 3rd Day, they knew Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms, but they only knew them 2 dimensionally. It was only on a 60 stage journey that the Hidden Christ elevated the minds of the 2 students to the 3rd level, and the end of the Way was Emmaus - Hot Water - meaning the true baptism was taking place. At the end of the Way the Hidden Christ was about to pass them by, but because of His astonishing revelation of all of Moses, all of the Prophets and all the Psalms, they begged Him to stay with them. It is so easy to let things slip you by when your mind is not on the alert all the time. Anyway, as soon as Christ broke the bread, the eyes of the 2 students were opened and then when the Hidden Christ was revealed - He vanished from their sight:
" I am the same yesterday, today and tomorrow."
Says the Risen and Hidden Christ. And the only way possible to find the Hidden Christ is through the exact interpretation of the MAP, and the only way to find the Risen Christ is to have ones mind Risen to the 3rd level. And, of course, for the mind to Rise to the 3rd level, one must physically descend to the depths - level 1, 2 and 3.

When the Apostle Paul says:
" We are not under the Law of Moses."
Paul is saying that we are above the Law of Moses because we are looking down at them, not only Moses, but all of the Scriptures laid out in a brand new Way - God's Way. Instead of the Law of the Letter, which is black ink on paper, we see underneath us the wondrous Word of God in full colour - the answers to all the questions in this Universe. It is obvious that when Paul is answering questions in his letters, he is addressing different people who are at different levels of the Way - those still on the 'Milk of the Word,' and those on the 'Meat of the Word.' As well as these two, Paul has difficulty in answering questions to others, probably people he does not know, or knows little about. The point is the uniqueness of the individual to God. Only by oneself can a person be linked to God as is written here:
" We are to work our OWN Salvation out with trembling and fear."
Without all of the Scriptures written and engraved on the mind, not one sentence in the New Testament applies to any individual, and certainly not to any group of people. Which brings one back to the 1x1 brigade, who do know the 12 Times Table because they say one needs faith and not knowledge. In other words it is not necessary to know that 6x8=48 as long as you have faith, and that goes for any sum in the 12 Times Table. It is like sending a child with a £20.00 note to buy £3.50 of goods from a market shark, and the child only knows that 1x1=1, what kind of faith will save that child from the devious shark. God works the same way with His children, He teaches them everything - that is the MAP so that they can stand on their own two feet to face the Deceiver, Satan himself. God keeps His own children safe and hidden from the Deceiver just like He did with the Hidden Christ. 40 Days and 40 nights Moses was Raised up the Holy Mount. 40 Days and 40 Nights the rain came upon Noah and Raised him up 3 levels. 40 Days and 40 Nights the Hidden Christ fasted in the Wilderness and was tempted by the Devil 3 times, and all 3 times - 1 on each level - the Deceiver asked 3 questions of the Hidden Christ:
" If you are...."
" If you are...."
" If you are...."
There is only one way past the Deceiver as the Hidden Christ proved, and that is through the MAP to God. God Himself orchestrates the moves that Satan can do, and cannot do, but God will not fail His servants, He makes sure that they are well equipped with his Word. All the Prophets who had the Heavenly experiences were put into near death darkness - a terrifying experience worse that your worst nightmare.

Life is like a Christmas Tree! When you have the Map unrolled beneath you, everything falls into place, physics, biology, music, and every kind of knowledge, because the Map misses nothing past, present or future. You will find the answer to all life contained within the Scriptures - the Holy Scriptures that is, which is like nothing on earth. Each of the presents under the Christmas Tree represents a box that God puts His Servants in - like a prison to protect them from themselves, but mainly for the safety of other people too.

A New Heaven and a New Earth is finding the Hidden Christ, and the Earth is the bridge to Salvation!

graphic of a new heaven and a new earth

What power has Moses in the Kingdom of Heaven? Moses name means to 'Draw Up,' and you will see why it is not necessary to repeat everything that happens in the Scriptures over and over again - there are not enough books in the World to contain all of the Scriptures if they were expanded fully. In fact, there are not enough trees in the World to contain the Word of God. Moses is likened to the moon and the Hidden Christ to the Sun, and as Moses was Hidden for 3 months when he was a child, it is not surprising that all the events of the Scriptures happen through him. Just as there are 3 levels upwards there is also 3 levels downwards, but for now it is important to see the upper levels. Moses has control over the waters of teaching as the moon draws the waters upwards, and at the point of 'New Moon,' (the highest tide therefore the 3rd level), when the Patterns of God's works are begun. The highest tides are the points of both the 'New Moon' and the 'Full Moon' when the strongest drawing takes place by both the Moon and the Sun acting TOGETHER! The Hidden Moses and the Hidden Christ must act TOGETHER to get one through the Way that is guarded by 2 Angels moving 2 swords in every direction. The Word of God is sharper that a 2 edged sword has a new meaning in the Kingdom of Heaven. Angel without messages is as useless as a religious relic, and the blind see all sorts of deceptions regarding dumb angels. Angel refers to anything that conveys a message, motor neurons for example that carry information from the brain to the rest of the body. Look at the graph above and you will see a double helix coming from out of Heaven into a box - a present. We all know that DNA carries all the information in our cells necessary for life, but the Heavenly DNA works differently. This is where one has all of Moses and the Prophets and the Psalms laid out in front of them, there is nothing in life that cannot fit inside of the Scriptures - it is impossible. Both the Ark, (skull), and Temple, (skull), have many cells inside of them with a peculiar spiraling ladder passing through the 3 levels. When Jacob had laid his skull on the stones, (single and many has a purpose), he went into a terrifying sleep-like state, just as his father Abraham when he saw the 3 skins split in 2. Jacob saw Messengers ascending and descending in and out of Heaven with the revelation of the Hidden Moses and the Hidden Christ. Look at the box in the graph and there is a question mark on it. The box represents the prison like state in which one serves God, and the person who is boxed in is both questioning God and receiving answers from Him simultaneously. This heavenly DNA is like an umbilical cord that feeds the Divine Revelation to the recipient for the unveiling of both the Hidden Moses and the Hidden Christ. However, there is only sufficient information given to the recipient to carry him to the next step along the Way. At the dis-connection of the DNA, the recipient is now a true messenger and has been transformed into messenger RNA. This is where it is difficult to comprehend the difference from earthly DNA and Heavenly DNA, but the Messenger RNA gives the answer. Because one has sufficient information in the form of RNA, he can then go forwards until the next time he has to be connected back to the Heavenly DNA to receive further instructions when the Hidden Moses and Christ will be more revealed. This process of being connected to the Heavenly DNA is said to be being 'Born Again,' not once, but numerous times until the full manifestation where both Moses and the Christ are fully revealed from Hidden to fully known by graduation from the lessons learned along the Way. Of course, when earthy DNA splits and messenger RNA is formed to carry information to the next cells to develop into various components, the Heavenly DNA and RNA split is different because earthly RNA cannot go backwards to reconnect itself to the DNA strand that it has come from. Here is where the Scriptures come alive, when the Cross - 'T' - becomes 'YOU.' Or should I say when the 'T' from the CATG coding becomes 'U.' Just as there are 20 amino acids in the cell to choose from for the various changes in the human body, there are also 20 pots of golden knowledge that God passes on in His DNA. Both do a similar thing where 3 amino acids, and 3 pots of golden knowledge is required for the necessary transportation. The Cross - 'T' is the 20th letter for a reason, and there were 3 crosses on the Skull - what is on the outside, must be on the inside! The message above the Hidden Christ's head was written in 3 languages, Hebrew, meaning the spiritual clone, Greek, meaning the clone of flesh, and Roman, (twinned), meaning that the 2 clones become 1 in Christ, when the Hidden Christ becomes fully revealed.
God protects His own from the Deceiver by keeping them Hidden until the day comes for the great testing in the Wilderness. And the day that a man realises that God needs no-one to do His work for Him, might be the day that God takes him under His Wing like he did with Moses and all the Prophets and culminating in Christ Himself.
Paul writes about certain people who are always learning, yet never understanding and therefore never coming to the truth. What Paul is saying is to learn the fullness of the Scriptures first, and then every subject will fall into its own place. When the Prophets saw a flying scroll in the night sky, they were giving reference to how massive the Word of God is, and the flying is to the speed at which it is to be learned.
The Devil exists only for God to use as a sieve to separate the good substance from the bad in God's servants. The Deceiver is a powerful tool in which God tests His servants faith and knowledge in Him. There are numerous angels and spirits in the Heavenlies that would give their right arm to inhabit flesh from the birth of a child to the end to learn the majestic blessings of Divine Teachings given to man to learn things that the angels themselves have not the ability to learn. Satan is jealous because through vanity he thinks that he is at the right hand of God where knowledge is concerned, and he is eternally out to prove who the boss is! This World is blinded from the Scriptures from birth like every other subject and Satan has the rule over the World. Satan watches constantly over each man to see if God is intervening in trying to pull the wool over his eyes like God did 2000 years ago.
God is the only One to play the Game with Satan, and Satan can do nothing without the say-so of God. God loves to crush vanity, and He lets Satan have his own way until the vanity has reached a conclusion when God steps in, and He does the crushing. God lets the vain rise only to see them fall.
Imagine what the Ark of the Covenant would be worth to the greedy, or anything to do with the Tabernacle, or indeed, any physical objects mentioned in the Scriptures. Everything in the Scriptures is Holy, therefore there is nothing material connected to them, nothing physical except the ideas behind them. For instance, put an old man in front of a white wall, and shine a light on him to cast a reflection - a shadow on the wall. Ask the man what it is about the shadow that will explain to the World all about his experiences, his loves, his ups and downs in life, and all that he has learned. On reflection of his life would not the man say that the shadow says nothing at all. So it is with the material objects in the Scriptures, they serve a temporary purpose until the student has grasped the true meaning of what the object refers to. For instance, think about the millions spent on the search for the Ark. if they had known Moses, they would of known that the difference between what is written, and what is real is about the distance it is from here to the outer extremes of the Universe. Does anyone know the exact distance to the outer edges of the Universe - No! But God does, and the same goes with the Scriptures, without God it is impossible to know anything that has happened, this is why God leaves the vain empty handed.
" How blessed those are who believe in Me without seeing Me!"
The Messiah said this because if one went through life looking for physical evidence of the Hidden Christ - they would end up empty handed.
There is only one known faith, and that is the faith that comes with the True Knowledge of God written in Moses. God is the one who gives man the faith to know Him, and any other faith is refuse. The answer to all questions is known in truth only, speculation is of the Deceiver who has many in his hand.

If you love your children, then make sure they know how to read first, and then give them the mighty Word of God, because if they keep studying the MAP, all other knowledge will fall into place, each in its own time. In the beginning the Scriptures are a bitter taste in the mouth, and unbelief leads one to think what is the point in learning something that was written so long ago. But I can confirm that the bitterness turns into milk and honey, not from land made of mere earth, but the knowledge that lands from above. As Abraham considered himself a stranger in a foriegn land, being the physical planet itself, he sought after the city of God that is light years away from here, and in a timeless dimension.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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