Greek Socrates and the Jewish Messiah's lectures.

Symposia: plural in Greek for Drinking Together.' This term was always used in relation to the powerful teaching of the Great Philosophers and the power of their teaching in relation to the strengh of wine. The stronger the wine one could take, the greater the ability one had in understanding higher 'Teaching.' An example of the higher teaching is Plato's 'Cave,' in which Socrates is the main character - as is usual with Plato - the Student honoring the Master. As well as Plato giving us a marvellous account of the' Symposium,' the writers of the Greek New Testament also give many accounts of the genius teaching of the Jewish Messiah - for example - the Wedding in Cana in Galilee, is a fascinating account of the Messiah turning the water type of teaching of the Great Baptist John (Yochanon), into the Power 'Teaching' of Wine.

The Messiah split - through his students - the 5000 into symposiums in groups of 100s' and 50s; remind you of the Tabernacle in the Wilderness, and the Chest of Noah?

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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