Flood of Divine knowledge given to Noah.

The Tabernacle represents a mysterious Teaching place that is not of this Earth, but is a state of mind, and one can easily place Socrates - Plato - Aristotle - Einstein - Newton - Galileo etc. as the shadows on those screens, anyone that learns and gives true and everlasting food - food that is honest and real and edifying to build one up. Einstein never professed to being a Christian, but he was - without actually knowing it, but many academics miss an important point out:

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He came to his own, and his own did not recognise him.

In other words if everything was created through the Messiah, then it is certain that God was working through all the inventors and creators with the seed of the Messiah attached - but they did not recognise Him. God rains down His intelligence as often as it rains on this Earth, it is simply a matter of who works hard enough - these are those who will find what they seek, whether physical or Spiritual. The rain does come because of the Messiah, and for the benefit of His students - past, present and future! When John says at the beginning of his gospel that: "They preferred the darkness rather than the light," he was referring to the Dark Lights of knowledge found in the Mysterious Cube of the Tabernacle. So the priests making those shadows on the screens of the Tabernacle are sanctified in the Truth - not ordinary known truth - but new and original Truth that is from above - this is why we are not to judge by appearance because the same shadows are not projected by religious garments or expensive apparel - but by what comes from the mouth in Truth that is both unique and wonderful!

The flood of Noah (He who comforts us throughout torment) is one of the most talked about incidents in history, yet it is also one of the most misunderstood. The whole account is in relation to the Way of the Divine, and the Flood is in relation to Noah receiving huge amounts of Divine Teaching which he had obviously been well prepared for beforehand. Noah had no idea of the distress and torment that was going to fall on him, but because of the Divine preparation, Noah succeeded in accomplishing the impossible. Only Noah was remembered by the Divine - everyone else had been instantly brain-washed by God, therefore we should be interested only in what Noah was learning in this great Inrush of Divine intelligence! "As it was in the Days' of Noah - so shall it be in the Days' of the Son of Man." The statement 'Son of Man' was in relation to the Prophets and now to the students who follow the Teachings of the Messiah.

Son of Man was a regular term for the Prophets who went through torture and suffering to receive the mysterious Scriptures, and therefore the term is relevant today in relation to students worthy of calling on God as the Father - Father is always Scriptural for 'Teacher.' Notice that the Messiah always related to God as his Father.

There is a remarkable similarity between the mission of Noah, and that of Moses. Moses never spoke to anyone at all except through his brother, Aaron - the teacher of light - this is because Moses represents the invisible Spirit, and this Spirit is given by the Divine to teach the mysteries and secrets of Scriptural understanding.

The Tabernacle formulated in the mind of Moses was exactly 150 times diminished (Compacted) in size to the Ark of Noah - the intelligence that is. The waters of Divine teaching tormented Noah for 150 days until the Ark reached 15 cubits above the heads of the highest mountains - mountains in Scripture refer to teachings, or to the teachers themselves - whether Divine or secular. As the Ark of intelligence scaled 30 cubits upwards, plus the 15 above the heads of the highest mountains - giving us 45 cubits - we shall see something remarkable soon.

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For I am going to create new heavens and a new Way, (Earth), the former things shall not be remembered, or ascended into the mind.

Remember that the 'New Earth (God's Way)' and 'New Heavens' relate to how God teaches - Earth being His footstool where the intellect is reborn - his students sitting at his feet, but his enemies are crushed under them. New Heavens relate to the different levels one can achieve with God, which of course depends on one's faith in Him. The Earth is singular - 1 Way to God only - yet the Heavens are plural, giving us the possibilities of numerous angles and levels in interpreting the Scriptures, and therefore, life itself! incidentally - the term used by the Messiah 'reborn' refers to the Symposium of Plato in which it was thought that we have descended (being born) into our earthly bodies blind, but having the capacity to find our way back to the Divine intellect through much study of the Creation - Creation being the whole of knowledge, but beginning with the Holy Scriptures themselves - the bedrock of the Creation. The whole of the Scriptures 'IS' the Creation and not the misleading few verses of Genesis! What use were the Scriptures before we were born, and what purpose are they when we have permanently departed from this life? The whole of Scripture is relevant to be learned here and now, and the whole of Scripture is to have the same effects - from Genesis to Revelation - as they did on the Holy Prophets, the difference being is that what took God over a 4000 year period to accomplish through His Prophets - he can achieve now in a persons life - and singularly - not in plurality as to those in the Scriptures.

Now we can go into the Creation here from the Tabernacle - God's Symposium - the Divine Way of learning. You will notice that the 1st 3 days are dark lights - in other words physical light that had not been created yet! It is only after the 3rd day that physical light is created. On the central shaft of the Tree Lampstand is the physical light on the top, plus the 3 dark lights under it - see the Mysterious Cube here . Anything to do with dark lights have been written in black bold here and in the mystery Cube. We know that there are 3 Tabernacles, and each one has the 1st and 2nd Tabernacles so that we have 6 in all. The first 3 are lit up by physical colored lights, and the second 3 are dark lights, because the Glory of the Lord Teacher is the light there and is the place where the Ark of the Testimony is.

It is important to point out that nothing spoken of in the Scriptures - the Arks of both Noah and Moses, along with the Tabernacle and its mysterious furnishings - among other things - will ever be discovered, God will make sure of that, and one thing for sure - they cannot be reproduced - it is impossible. The Temple was destroyed in AD 70 because God was tired of the idolatry of man needing physical things to represent the Spiritual. There is a billion light years difference between how the Scriptures are to be interpreted, and how they normally are. One evidence of this is in Aaron's Divine attire - to actually try and physically reproduce this with earthly materials, and formed by men, is absolutely laughable. The reason for this is that there is a key phrase to have in mind, and that is: 'What is on the outside, must be on the inside' in other words, everything in Scripture has to be worked out in the mind, methodically and with precision, because what one thinks is the real meaning - well - one can easily be misled. The main key is to know all the Scriptures and become a master of them, just as any craftsman who knows his trade will have no problem discerning what is real or fabricated. Did Einstein know only that 1x1=1, or did he know all of the 12 times table? therefore it is fair to assume that we are to learn all of the meanings of Scripture to be a master of them?

Now we can move to another angle with the above two images. The first represents the whole of one side of the 1st tabernacle, but the one on the right represents a single frame, and every frame is given the mascaline he, a real person. We can work out that there are 20 frames South - representing Earth side, and 20 frames North, representing the side of the Spiritual. On the west side - towards the sea - there are 6 frames plus 2 double ones so that we can manipulate the whole as being either 48 or 50 frames - or persons. At first I saw the frames containing Mosaic drawings of the Creations depicted in the Scriptures, but then saw them each representing a string of moving frames. The point here is that as we study views change according to angles and levels. An example being is the term: "The Tabernacle comes down on death," it as at this point that I saw the frames drop down to the floor, and each frame containing mirrors. The reason for this is that the Jews, at the Hearing Feast of Taberacles, had to build shoddy booths out of branches with the roof being lattice like to produce squares from the cross-over sections. The point of this is so that they could look up at the night sky and see the constellations. Obviously there is a profound meaning the this! Now with the mirrors of the Tabernacle layinf flat the stars and galaxies of the night sky will be reflected. We can now change the frames to boards so that we have starboards which is the right side of a ship, and when the Messiah told his students to cast their nets to the right side if the ship they caught tons of fish, in other words, whatever knowledge they were fishing for they could not handle it all at once. The whole meaning: "Die with Christ and you will live," has a whole new meaning - the impartation of his genius to those who die for him in this life. Another example being: "Pick up your Cross everyday," and, "Give us today our daily Bread."

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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