The True Seed of God against the false weeds of religion; Satan, the Deceiver who owns this World, and everything in it!

True knowledge is like seed - planted - but we do not need to keep watch over it, because through the rain of the Divine it will grow of its own accord! The Seed grows in the night, but it is during daylight that the Truth dawns on the true student of God. There are different levels and different angles in viewing Divine things, remembering that God's ways are different than those of men, and God's thoughts are different than those of men. All we need is Scriptural Truth embedded deep into our minds, and when it is - everything in the material World is magnified into significance. The problem the Jews had with the Messiah 2000 years ago is that they thought he was changing Moses and the Prophets, when in fact he was teaching them from different angles, and on a different level according to the level of intelligence his hearers were on.

The light in the Darkness: Darklights

The mystery of the shorthand New Testament is given by interpreting the proofs of the Messiah as jotted down by the Writers of the Ancient Texts. Bearing in mind first that the Writers of the NT were writing to people who had sufficient knowledge of the Scriptures - this is why they wrote in fragments.
More is written in the Scriptures on the Tabernacle than anything else, and with the Chest of Noah on one side, and the Temple of Wisdom (Solomon) on the other there is an ocean of treasure buried deep within them. The Writers of the New Testament each wrote down through the angles they could see at the time of writing. Some could see other writers texts and then added or changed them according to the angles of the mystery Cube, as we shall see later. We will often see one writer naming 1 person, while another author names 2 persons, and sometimes more. The one important thing to note is that all the writers were under the influence of the Spirit of Genius. Firstly then, let us see for ourselves the Power of the Writers in accomplishing things so phenomenal. We will start with the Messiah in a ship with his students. They had only taken 1 loaf of bread with them and they were deliberating the remark given by the Messiah:
"Beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and the Herodians,"
It takes little to remind ourselves what the natures of these two types of people are ( the Scriptures tell us exactly who they were) - the Pharisee is the greedy religionist who knows nothing of the Scriptures at all, the Herodian is someone who thinks he is king but needs others to enlighten him without learning himself. The leaven is the lies or 'Spin' doctoring of the Truth that drowns the people into the wine of false promises that cannot be kept - the students of the Messiah could not grasp the importance of the Bread and the Wine of Truth that is so hard to see and hear without Divine comprehension. The good thing out of the following texts is that the Messiah - although outraged by the ignorance of his students - is that he said to them:
"Do you not comprehend yet." - it was not until after the resurrection that they understood anything. The Messiah was concerned and angered that his students, although they were seeing the signs of Moses and the Prophets through his phenomenal teaching, they were slow to grasp the hidden Truths of what he said, and did right in front of them. Let us have a look in more detail at these remarkable texts as written by the Holy Spirit through his Prophets - we will come back to the interpretations later:

Misunderstanding the mysterious teaching of the Bread of Heaven


Now they had neglected to take in bread; and they had only 1 loaf with them in the boat.


And he alerted them, saying: "Recognize and comprehend, observe the leaven of the Pharisees and the leaven of the Herodians."


And they deliberated with each other, having no bread?


Recognizing this, he said to them: "Why do you deliberate the fact that you have no bread? Do you not yet discern or understand - are your hearts blinded?


Having eyes do you not see, and having ears do you not hear? And do you not remember?



When I broke the 5 loaves for the 5000, how many the wreathed caskets filled of broken pieces did you take in?" They said to him: "12."

We start with the 5000 - the doorway to the Tabernacle and then move to the 4000, the doorway to the Holiest Place - it is what is in between that is important here.


"And the 7 for the 4000, how many the woven caskets filled of broken pieces did you take in?" And they said to him: "7."


And he said to them: "Do you not yet understand?"

Access the 5000 here. Notice all the accounts begin with the 5000 men followed by the 4000 - this is extremely important to know, especially what happened after each event.

Access the 4000 here.

Access the Table of the Bread of the Presences (Psalm 23)here.

Access the Table of the Bread of the Presences (Exodus 25) here.

Access the Lampstand here.
In Psalm 23 we find the words shadow, anointing oil, table, measuring rule (Branch), cup of wine, the very things found in the Tabernacle of knowledge in the desert. The shadow of the Bread of the Presences of God are cast upon the screen, right behind the Table itself. The light comes from the Lampstand - a Tree of Life - that has 6 branches, 3 on either side of it. As the Breads are in 2 rows of 6, you can imagine the same thing on the screen behind it - except the shadows are obviously much larger, and shadows refer to future events accomplished through the teaching of the Prophets. The question is; what is David looking at through sheer distress? He has the Table laid out with the Bread of the Presences of God, but he has something on his left and right side? On the screens - veils of secrecy - are embroideries of Cherubim, and creations of the natural World - and Men. But who are these Men? The entrance to the Tabernacle has 5 pillars of knowledge 10 cubits high - that is 50 measures in total, however, there is a screen that covers these pillars according to the dimension of the entrance, that being 10 x 10 which is of course is 100. Can you spot what the Writers of the NT were looking at? Mark states that the men were put into Symposiums' and Prasias' in 100's and 50's, now by going back to the entrance of the Tabernacle and multiplying the area 100 by the pillars of knowledge 50, we have 5000, and do likewise with the entrance of the Holiest Place - 4 pillars of knowledge 10 cubits high equalling 4, and multiplying by the area we have 100 x 4 equalling 4000. The whole area of the courtyard is 100 x 50! The point is though, do you see why the Writers of the NT were specific to write down exact specifications to Moses and the Prophets in a special way as directed by the Holy Spirit. All the Writers put the 5000 1st, and the 4000 2nd, (the Holiest place is always referred to as the 2nd Taverna!) and as you can see from above, the Messiah puts them in the exact order as do the Writers. This is because of 2 things - the 1st being as explained above - they are the sequence of entry into the Tabernacle, and secondly a different event happens after both. After the 1st, 5000 with the Breads of barley, the Disciples were at first asked to go and understand:
"How many loaves do you have," and they obviously did not comprehend - they said 5 loaves and 2 fish which meant nothing at all to them. After the Disciples picked up or gathered (comprehended) the fragments, the 12 Disciples were put into distressful and terrifying ordeals in a ship on the sea to test their faith - this is the only way the Messiah knew whether they were working on their own faith, or the faith given by God.
Secondly, after the 4000, the Messiah went straight into teaching his students and this is when the religious authorities were seeking a sign (proof) from him, but he replied:
"No sign shall be given to this evil generation," except of course, the sign of Jonah, and this is where the word used for baskets comes into its own interpretation. The word used is spuridios, and its root is in fish, especially being tied forcibly to one, so the sign of Jonah had already been given to them - blind guides is what the Messiah called them - we can see why! The 12 caskets for the 5000 is where the word coffins come from - so death is obviously referred to here and we can see why the death of 1 man leads to the life of the many, and that life is the knowledge that leads to faith. Faith and knowledge increase together. Of course, when the Disciples asked the Messiah to increase their faith, he then taught them a higher learning that led to storms and suffering - hence the Parable of the Sower and the pure in mind receiving a 100 fold!
After the teaching of the 4000 the students of the Messiah gathered in fragments from the 7 loaves and small fishes, 7 weaved caskets in total, but these were unlike the ones used for the 5000. Whereas the 5loaves for the 5000 represented the Torah, the 7 for the 4000 represented the lamps inside the Tabernacle, hence Pentecost and Weeks, (the 50th Day and 7 Weeks of Divine education), and therefore the Prophets, and likewise, as they represent the Prophets - future events that are changed from what was first thought of. The lamps on this Tree Lampstand had to be specially dressed by Aaron - the 6 lamps - 3 on either side. What Aaron had to do was to split the wick in the middle to make 2 wicks in each of the 6 lamps so that a half light pointed at each of the Breads on the Table of the Presences - this is one reason why the Breads were in 2 rows of 6. These loaves incidentally have different colors shining on them and they represent a banquet fit for a king.

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