Christ Who? The Hidden and Risen Christ of course!

last steps to salvation

Look - the Way is turning itself upside down, inside out and back to front, and the great storms are coming! The Deceiver is waiting to see who God's Champions are, clothed in the Word of God. God keeps His Students hidden from Satan for times such as this. Who will face Satan armed to the blazes with the Word of God? Just as our Glorious Teacher, the Real and NOW Revealed Christ, prevailed the battering storms from the Deceiver, and walked on his waters of lies, those sanctified in His Truth shall prevail also. Christ opens up the True meanings of Moses and the Prophets to those whom He Teaches and loves. Christ's Kingdom is not of this World because it all belongs to Satan. Satan's lies have got the False Messiahs grasping for World domination. The idolatrous and Scriptureless Heathen hate the Word of God, and God hates them. Put a robe or a designer suit on a sack of dung, and you will always have a bag of bullshit at your disposal. This World is deceived by the garments holding the crap, but the Students of the One True God know their motivating shit - money and the power it brings!

last steps to salvation

The Bars of Heaven - the ones holding the Tabernacle boards mid-Way, are the bars one has to walk over, narrow yes, but necessary depending on what level you are on, 1-2-3. But God will guide you in His Mighty Word - a Torch that lights the Pathway as David found out in his suffering. It does not matter how dark the way is, or how fierce the storm, you are One with God and He is One with you. Salvation is not what you have in this world, but the opposite. A man proves on the outside that he believes in God and Eternal life by rejecting the wealth of this World.

It is impossible to write down what one learns and experiences from the different levels of teaching from the Messiah. Firstly, the Messiah is The Teacher. The Scriptures fully known is like looking up at the night sky. White stars on a black background inversed to give you black ink on a massive sheet of paper, this is like the Old Testament. When we were young we thought of the boring Religious Education classes - and yes, the same old tedious stories of the Bible. The Good News of the Messiah and His Apostles is not the black ink on paper like the night sky, but with having a powerful telescope one can see into the mind of God. Instead of a black night sky, one is able to see through the Great Sea of the Temple - that telescopic and microscopic eye. Instead of black ink on white paper everything is transformed into a wonderful multi-coloured tapestry allowing one to see the inner truths of scripture. The Great SEA, (see), measures 30x10x5, and if one has read the other parts of the web site, one will see this order of numbers as representing that of a fish. A fish eye lens in this case which distorts the images that we see in Scripture and life itself. Remember that God's Ways are different than that of men. Seeing deep into space and seeing all those billions of stars in billions of galaxies is a testimony in itself of the massive size of the inner meanings of Scripture that is Holy and therefore True. Only God is Holy - remember this one statement and you will never be deceived. Every atom in the Universe is refuse to God, therefore the biggest diamond on this planet is a lump of refuse to Him - because He is Holy. This does not mean that the diamond is meaningless - it is important to know how a diamond is formed over millions of years from a very soft carbon atom into the hardest mineral of all, and gems play an important part in the interpretation of Holy Scripture, but not to desire and possess them - which is idolatry. Therefore God gives man the free choice of possessing the illusion of temporary material things of the world, or the true and permanent wealth that is in Heaven. The emphasis of both the Messiah and His Students is this rejection of what is an illusion to that which is real. So store your riches in Heaven where 'God - the Banker' will save you your wages for you. Salvation is not a one-off payment. Only a foolish employer would pay out 50 years of wages to a man in one week, and as Holy Scripture says:
"If you do not believe in earthly things you will never believe in the Heavenly."
God does things similar to man except He is able to do everything Himself. God is a Banker, Attorney, Teacher and everything to those who have True Faith in Him. It is God Himself who has to impregnate a man with His own Faith and knowledge for the man to believe in Him. The blind faith of the opinion of men is easily found out by examining their own knowledge of the inner meanings of Moses and the Prophets. If it were possible to re-enact 2000 years ago today, and the Messiah was here in the flesh, the same things would happen to Him all over again. You would not recognise Him by His appearance for He would fit in easily with the poor. No one would say:
"There He is,"
for He would be a normal dresser, not caring what he had on, because He would come only to teach. In fact, if He were to appear today in the flesh as a man, He would soon be murdered for what He taught.

In Cana in Galilee a special feast happened that Josephus, the Great Hebrew Historian, knew nothing about - and he lived there! Neither Josephus, nor any of the residents knew of this sign that would have been broadcast abroad in no time. Did I find this shocking, and did it shake my faith to the ground making me doubt the Scriptures? Not one bit - it made me smile because I have the full Scriptures written in my mind so that I could see what really happened. The moment you think of a sign as a miracle, you lose all sight of the Truth, and you are blind to the realities of God's plan. The blind, deaf, mute, leprous and dead written about in the New Testament were Jews and proselytes who were genuine students of the MAP, (Moses and the Prophets), who had mis-translated the Scriptures and were suffering the consequences of sin. The Messiah came and opened the sight of those who had mis-translated the Scriptures so that when they saw the true meanings, they could then proceed to follow them in truth without falling into sin. What is sin to man is not sin to God! The blind were not people who did not know the Scriptures, but those who did. So the sign is not a miracle in the sense of magic, but a proof relating to what had gone before written in the Old Testament - not that it is old - far from it, it is brand new every time you have to go back to the beginning and start all over again. Only God could open the sight of the mind to the true meanings of Scripture as he is the Author of them, which proves that Christ was, and truly is His Son. The only Jews who believed in Christ as the Son of God 2000 years ago were those who could see and hear the astonishing teaching of Christ, relating to His un-veiling of Moses and the Prophets. The Jews 2000 years ago that did not - or would not believe in Christ as the true Messiah amongst the many false ones were not the Rabbi's, or indeed some of the Sanhedrin, but those who bought their way into positions with money. Herod was not a Jew, but he ruled over them not knowing the difference between Moses and a magic mushroom. If these false Jews let the Messiah live, then their positions of wealth would have been made obsolete. Christ would be poorest of the poor, but why? Because Salvation is what you bank daily in Heaven by rejecting the material things of the world with its money and the glory that goes with it. How can a man show that He truly stores his riches in Heaven - remembering that his faith should be in God - only by having nothing that belongs to the world, and there is no other way. God will never give His authority to any man to teach on His behalf, without first proving that he practices what he preaches. Because there is no hypocrisy in God, neither will there be in His Students.

When you look at the 6 stone jars, view it as only one jar remembering that you have to have the full weight of the Scriptures with you. You will now see 1 jar with 6 and 2/3 measures of water filled to the brim. Before the water can be changed into wine, one has to know the teaching levels of what water really is. We know that this event really happened and it was on the 3rd day, meaning that it was on the 3rd level of Noah's experience - explaining why Noah was drunk at the end of his storm driven exploits. John, who gives us this account, then gives a fuller explanation in the last supper the Messiah had before His Death. The Messiah had this spiritual meal in the upper house of a man carrying a jar full of water. Going back to the 6 jars as being 1, we can see that 6 and 2/3 is not the answer to what we are looking for, but 3 accounts will give us 6 2/3 - three times that gives us 20. As the letter T is 20th in the alphabet we know that the feast in Cana is relating to the Cross, (Christ's time had not yet come). There were 3 crosses on the skull, but we must have the full meaning on the inside of our skulls. The 3 crosses gives us 60, so we are back to 20 because the 3 must become 1 in Christ. Refer to the 2 Students who had their minds opened to Moses and the Prophets at the breaking of bread which happened in Emmaus which is 60 measures away from Jerusalem. These 2 Students represent the Spiritual brother cloned by God to the physical brother - the 2 must become 1. Not without reason - Emmaus means Hot Springs - in other words baptism in the Holy Spirit - that is, in hot water, and we know that being in hot water is trouble. We have to meditate on the Scriptures on our own - our Salvation is based on this. The feeling of loneliness is only on the first step of the Way, with the experience and the mind being raised up to the upper levels, one sees and knows for sure that one is not alone, but we become content knowing that the temporary sufferings in this world are soon to be replaced by eternal bliss.

All chronology in the Scriptures, and weights, measures and distances are in the hands of God - not us, so do not get bogged down with trying to work out that which isn't necessary. We are to remember the numerals attached to each Scripture to have the keys. As it is written:
"1 day to God is a 1000 days, and a 1000 days is but 1 day."

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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