Royden John,(Yochanon), Elson

The cross is the Tree of Life burning in our hearts. The fragmented wood smouldering and flavoring the imperishable food that is found above, (but on what level)?
The Stone jar that carries the Water of Life, is the spirit that turns the water into wine.

Now here is one for the baby girl - delivered by God and breast-fed on the Holy Scriptures! The 'Inner Man' that the Scriptures relate to is inside every human being born, regardless of whether he is inside a male or female, black or white, the 'Inner Man' is made in the image of God and His Christ. There are many bad versions of the bible in this World that have distorted the truth to satisfy the Scriptureless. When the Scriptures tell you that the Sons of Israel are Sons, they mean Sons, and not children, or boys and girls as the Scriptureless proclaim. The English versions fail in a lot of respects anyway, hence the absolute necessity of the original Hebrew. So if you are a female reading this, the masculine in the Scriptures refers to your own 'Inner Man' made in the image of God. Now you know why the family tree of Christ is all male - including all the Angels. The 'Inner Man' is no bigger that dust, it is the smallest entity in the Universe. But so is the Holy Spirit that God gives to those who love his Scriptures, and pray earnestly for them to be made known and comprehended.

There is an ancient truth that will last forever - you are who you associate yourself with in this World. You associate yourself with the ignorant, you will always be ignorant. You associate yourself with the blind, you will always be blind. For this reason it is necessary to be separated from this World to be taught the mysteries of the Kingdom of God that are Way above human comprehension. 'Called Out,' is the true name of the church, (which is now singular, and not plural as many think), and it means called into the Wilderness out of this World, and this can only come through faith. Faith can only come by 'Hearing' the Word of God, and it leads one to learn the mysteries that come out of the Scriptures. Faith alone takes one to the invisible Spirit of Christ who is hidden in the Wilderness of Divine Teaching. When Christ says that he will split families apart with a 2 edged sword, he really means it because it is through the Scriptures he really does set one apart. To be separated from this World and 'Called Out,' is the greatest honor ever given to any man:
"Many are Called, but few are Chosen."
This famous statement from Christ means that many are 'Called Out' from this World to be taught by God, but only a few are 'Chosen' to be sent back to Preach the Good News. How beautiful are the feet are those who Preach such Good News, are the few who have walked with God, learned from Him alone, and 'Sent' back into the World from the Wilderness by God Himself. This is because God knows that his Servant will be in the World, but not part of it.
Faith only comes by hearing the Word of God. But what is the difference between reading and studying the Scriptures, and hearing them for faith to come? Look at the image below:

Image of a pomegranate

Pomegranates play an important part in the true interpretation of the Scriptures. The pomegranates were alternated on the bottom of Aaron's robe with bells, and Aaron represented Christ as the High Priest. Christ was always the High Priest, still is the High Priest, and will always be the High Priest. Any bells ringing yet? Pomegranates were also displayed on the 2 pillars of the Temple, and were named Boaz and Jachin, meaning eyes that can see very, very quickly. So if you are a true temple of God you will be able to interpret the Scriptures at the speed of lightening.
The seeds in the pomegranate are the Scriptures, the Word of God, and the red juice refers to the precious Blood that paid the price for the student of Christ to be able to see the true mysteries of the Kingdom of God. But what is the real difference between reading and studying the Scriptures, and hearing the Word of God? Surely the Scriptures and the Word of God are the same thing - far from it as the Messiah proved! Christ said to the money grasping Jews, 'You have Moses - search them,' and, 'You search the Scriptures as if you will find eternal life there,' and He even tells His Students that the Jewish money graspers have their own Scriptures. The next image should explain the difference:

Image of pomegranate juice sprinkled on a bible

The book of Scriptures in the image is not drenched completely in the pomegranate juice, but sprinkled just like the Blood was in the Tabernacle. Everything was sprinkled with Blood, even the Book itself, because the Life is in the Blood! The tabernacle represents someone reclining at meal, but not any meal, and certainly not the food that perishes, but the food that comes from above - the Bread of Heaven! Christ is known in the breaking of the Bread - His own body that is, but it is the knowledge of Him that is fragmented and broken down just like the sprinkling of His precious Blood that opens the sight of the blind to his Seed. It is the same Spirit as Christ's that God gives to His students in order for them to interpret the Scriptures. Yet it is what comes off the pages that count, not what is written only because there is death in the ink, but in the spirit there is life. This is why the spirit of Christ is the Breath of Life, and if you can hear the fragmented Breath - which only the spirit that God gives can comprehend, then you know that you truly belong to Christ. This is God's Way of doing things in which it is impossible for any man to do on his own, and it was done the same yesterday, it is done the same today, and it will be done the same until the last man is standing on this Earth, he who has been 'Called Out' by God. The first thing a man does when he is 'Called Out' of this World, (which is a type of Egypt), into God's wonderful teaching Wilderness, is that he studies relentlessly, not only the full blown Scriptures in their original language, being Hebrew, but everything to do with history from the Big Bang until now. Now this is a tall order for any man to do, but we are not talking about any man, but a man who has the same spirit that Christ had! Not the false spirit that millions have in this World claiming it is Christ's own spirit, but the same genius spirit of the living Christ, who is both invisible and hidden from the spirits of this World. The same spirit of Christ knows the Way into the Wilderness and he leads the mind of the 'Inner Man' to the place where 3 levels are to be reached to find the invisible and therefore hidden Christ. Paul, the Great Apostle was originally called Saul. Saul means 'Desiring' the Truth of the Scriptures, but Paul means 'Small,' and when you consider what God had done to Saul to make him Paul, you understand the necessity of being cut to smithereens. Paul though was an exception to the rule, and he says so himself. Paul was a Jew by birth, a son of Abraham, wealthy, the most successful of the student Pharasees' who sat at the feet of Gamiliel. Paul in fact had everything going for him until he was 'Called Out!' Definitely not Pauls decision as he was led into the barren Wilderness of God's Teaching. For 14 years Paul was cut asunder and everything he had learned was reconstituted into a new Way - God's Way which is different than any man's. Paul had lost everything he had, his life, his wealth, his promising position, but in the end he himself declared it all as worthless shit. This is what happens to every true Christian who is 'Called Out,' into God's wonderful teaching Wilderness. God swaps the worthless shit that the World glorifies itself in, for the knowledge of Himself through the spirit of Christ, in which God will give to those who know that the only True Way to Himself is both hard and narrow.

Since the Scriptures were put together in the 4th Century, everything in them is singular, and not plural as this World thinks. In the Scriptures is the exact footprints of Christ, and only the few Christian students will ever find them, and this is to be able to truly follow them.
The Scriptures referred to in the New Testament, are all of Moses, and all of the Prophets, and all of the Psalms. The New Testament was written many years after Christ's Life on this Earth, and Moses and the Prophets gives the reasons for this.
The New Testament does not come anywhere near to explaining Christ's entire life than Moses does. Now there is an important truth you should know - most of the New Testament uses abridged terms and shortcuts that only a true Christian would know about. For example does Paul relate to the Decalogue, or all of Moses when he is relating to Moses, or indeed the Law. Paul has a huge problem in his letters because he is dealing with people who are obviously on different levels of knowledge, and therefore different levels of faith. The word Christian simply means someone who is an ambassador of Christ, and that Christ Himself would be living exactly the same as that person is if He were here Himself.

There are many in this World who make Christ out to be a Liar. It is Christ who said that many will come in his name - but do not believe them because they are Liars. It is Christ who says now that His Kingdom is not of this World, so why are all the Scriptureless heathen trying to possess the World. It is Paul, the Greatest of the Apostles, who says that Satan the Deceiver is god of this world, and beware of his deceitfulness regarding the worthless wealth of this World. It is Satans army of imposters who will try to gain possession of the World, which they have tried for 2000 years. You will know a tree by its fruits, meaning that if the fruits of the tree are Scriptureless heathen, it is because the Whole tree is full of Lies. In fact there are more imposters in this World that make Christ out to be the biggest Liar of them all. Who was it who said; 'Sell all your possessions and give them to the poor?' Who was it who said it would be better to tie a millstone around the neck, and to cast oneself into the sea than hurt a child. And not forgetting, 'Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall see God,' which cancels out the sainthoods of the christian politicians who have the audacity to call themselves Christ's Ambassadors at all. Anyone who searches for the riches and glories of this World belongs to Satan the Deceiver, and not Christ at all. This does not involve ordinary people who genuinely earn a lot of money, the Scriptures relate to the scum who call themselves Christian and peddle the Scriptures to falsely make themselves rich. Who was it that said to Christ; 'Worship me and I will give you all the riches and the glories of this World?' You have got it, it was, and still is today, Satan the Deceiver, and he has millions in his army of troops. For 2000 years the Scriptureless heathen, maquarading as Christians, have served their father Satan. It is Christ who said that Satan is the father of lies and has been since the beginning. Ask Satan's army of imposters when had the One True God ever called them out of this World, into His glorious Wilderness of Divine Teaching, and taught them the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven?' The imposters will treat you with the utter contempt that Christ and His Apostles had to suffer, and it is Christ Himself who says that His true Students will suffer the same humiliation as He Himself did.

Peter is the stone that can see - a pebble so small that it is invisible to the human eye! In fact it is the same size as the 'Inner Man' - the size of an atom. Atom simply means breaking down to eventually reach 1 piece, or fragment. If one has the the Divine Spirit, and if it is the spirit of Christ, he will open up all the Scriptures to your 'Inner Man,' that is in all of Moses, all of the Prophets and all of the Psalms. What this means is that it does not matter what color a person is outwardly, it does not matter what size a person is, or what gender they are, all have the 'Inner Man' which is the same size as an atom - or the smallest part of anything in life itself. This is why you cannot humble yourself without the Scriptures; how can you see yourself, or know the 'Inner Man' that is inside of you without knowledge - it is impossible. The Scriptures though reveals all of the Truth, but they have to be unveiled and expounded correctly by those who have truly walked in Christ's footsteps.
There are 3 accounts to the stone pillars of Boaz and Jachin, and depending at what level you are on, one will be above the other. The 2 names relate to strength and speed, meaning to have the ability to see lightening fast, and with a power far above the normal. 18 measures high, and 12 measures in circumference, the 2 stone pillars represent eyes that can see powerfully, yet the size is proportionate to the 'Inner Man.' The 6 huge stone jars in the turning water into wine had 2 or 3 measures, see the stone jars as one, and you will have 12 and 18 measures representing the 2 pillars of seeing powerfully. The water is a type of teaching on 2 levels that is the physical World, and the 3 levels of the wine which is the Heavenly.

The Hebrew always gives us the answer to every question by taking us back to the beginning - but to the beginning of what? Look at the Garden of Eden, a level the intellect can get to in the wilderness, and depending on what level your mind is on when studying the Scriptures. There are 3 levels that the human mind can reach when it is drawn upwards, in other words, when the mind has been elevated from the normal to the upper levels of scriptural knowledge. The 'inner man' which is inside every human, male or female, is only the size of an atom, and this is why humans cannot work out how the intelligence works. It took a super computer the size of the Empire State Building to get a man to the moon, today that same computer fits on the point of a needle, amazing isn't it! Link up every single computer in the World together to get an unbelievable and awesome power, yet hold a new born baby's head in your hand, and you will have a power that will blitz the combined power of all the computers to smithereens. This is what the ancient Hebrew teaches us, you have to look at the very smallest things in life to get the answers to the greatest things. As Christ said:
"If you do not believe in Earthly things, how can you believe in the heavenly ones?"

The Tabernacle in the barren desert, is a physical place created to enable the mind to be elevated through suffering. The tabernacle is actually a real person reclining to receive a teaching that is not of this World. The Holiest place is the mind itself, and only the High Priest has access to it, meaning the true Messiah Himself. 'I will come to dwell within you!' says the Messiah, meaning that He will inhabit the mind of His student to teach him all the divine mysteries. This is why those who have truly been freed from this World, (being Egypt), and called out into His Wilderness will receive the divine teaching. The choice is simple, live in the bondage of what the World requires of you, or separate yourself from it and then you will be truly called out. Called out is the only name given to the church, not mere buildings built by mere men. Jade is the one jewel in the breastplate of Aaron that signifies the power of what the divine teaching gives amongst the struggles of learning the elevated things. When the mind has been drawn upwards to the divine levels, one can shout aloud along with David in the Psalms:
"The Lord is my Teacher, I shall not be in need, for He lays me down in green pastures." This precious Jade is the access to a teaching of perfect tranquility of mind, even though the body suffers. Laid down in green pastures is the tabernacle of a persons body receiving divine teaching. The level that the Garden of Eden is at has been truly attained by the student who has prevailed the storms of this life.
"He sets out a table for me in the presence of my enemies." Not only is the student happy with his beautiful condition of mind, but the Lord has put a table of the Bread of the Presences of God, right in front of him to feed upon the eternal riches, received by those who have been "Called Out," of this world, and chosen by God Himself.
Once the mind has reached the level of Paradise, the mind can then choose the fruits of the many trees. Trees in Hebrew always relate to teachers' whether divine or mortal. The fruits always relate to students, in particular, the level of what they have learned from their teachers. Hence, 'You will know a tree by its fruits.' A bad teacher, bad fruits. When the Messiah cursed the fig tree, he cursed it because the teachers of Israel had led the people astray with false teachings, based on the fact that money had become God to those teachers.
It should be plain to see who is genuinely 'Called Out' of this World, and is a True fruit of the Tree of Life! After all, you should know a tree by its fruits. Not only will you know a tree by the knowledge of his students, you will also know him by the way he lives. Is he greedy and demonstrating his dependence on the temporary things of this life, or is he showing his students, by example, that he is sacrificing the temporary riches of this world for the Eternal wealth. A True Christian lives in this World as though it is Christ Himself, so the pulpit pimps and their whores in this World have got a lot of explaining to do.

If any of the Prophets, including Christ Himself, or any of his Apostles came into this World today, they would be exactly the same as they were all those years ago - nobody would recognise them! They would be dressed in no clothing that would make them stand out above the ordinary people, they would blend in with everyone on the streets, anywhere in the World. The only way it would be possible for anyone to know who they really were, is to hear what comes out of their mouths. You would hear the Word of God preached through Moses and the Prophets like you have never heard before.

At the moment Jade is only a semi-precious stone, but one day will be transformed into a highly valued and cherished gem. After being skillfully fashioned and polished through the powers of a new teaching, and when all her rough corners and stony heart are cut away, and replaced with a new heart and a new mind, Jade will be more valuable than all the jewels in the world put together. It is then she will be transformed into a part of a very special Tree? A Tree that has the power to yield 12 different fruits, which are 'Jewels,' every month of the year, and in its leaves is the power to heal many people through its Teaching. The Beech is where the word Book comes from, and small fragments of beech are burned and used in flavoring beers and different types of food all over the World. But the real Beech will have the power to unravel the fragments of Truth that is in the ancient languages, and transform this hungry World with a teaching that is both invisible and hidden from it. This Beech will not only flavor the food that will never perish, but she will open the sight of the blind, and the ears of the deaf. Those who cannot walk along the Way of Scriptural Truth, will have their minds risen up to the 3 levels of divine knowledge, and they will never be infirmed to the darkness of this World again.
In this World there are 2 levels of understanding, but above there are 3 levels in the Scriptures which the Hebrew points to. The writer would rather spend 2 or 3 hours a week teaching those 3 levels, than anything else in this World!

The writer should be sorry for the suffering he has caused, especially to his friend, even though it is only a temporary suffering. In this World no one can learn anything without suffering some kind of sacrifice, but because the Translations need to be understood like the speed of lightening, the suffering is even more intense - but it is only temporary!
The following is for that special friend who misunderstands the writer completely, but will one day know the Truth!
There is a special stone jar that has 2 or 3 measures of water in it. This stone jar will be transformed into a highly cherished Jade, and she will perform a miracle in teaching, turning the 2 or 3 measures of water into wine. The water is the spirit of knowledge in this World, and the wine is the door to the 3 levels of a higher intelligence.
The Miracle at Cana in Galilea where the water was turned into wine refers to 6 huge stone jars with 2 or 3 measures of water in them. But the beneficiary of this miracle is the person who is to be tabernacled 3 times. This is the 1st sign - the person who is on the 1st of the 3 teaching couches used in learning. It is the person bearing the stone jar who is supplying the answers to the water teaching on 2 levels, and then transforming the water into the 3 levels of the wine. Jade is the stone jar that will perform these signs. Jade will be the bearer of the Good News that opens the sight of those blind to the Scriptures, which is the entire World.
The fragments of the Cross is the Tree of Life burning in the hearts of those learning from the Translations, as the unveiling of the Scriptures come alive at the breaking of the Bread of Life.
Beech is a tree bearing a book full of seeds in blood red - like pomegranates. The Seeds represent the fragmented Scriptures, and the red juice represents the precious Blood required to unveil the True meanings that can only be found when the roots of the tree are firmly set in the Hebrew Scriptures.

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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