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Moses on a Plate.

There are 5 plates each with the name of a book of Moses. They are in order, but they can be interchanged easily and ultimately all 5 must be blended into one. The Priests carried the Ark over the Jordan on 12 stones, representing the 12 Tribes of Israel. However, as the Kingdom of Heaven is singular as God is One, we as indyividuals must all be Priests and carry the Laws of God in our own skulls. When the Messiah walked on the water, was He actually walking on the stones? He definitely was walking on the Firmanent, with the divided waters below Him, and the divided waters above Him.

the endless drudgery of living in spiritual bondage.

Day by day we live in the upper and lower levels of darkness in Egypt until the day we die.
Even the Prophets were faced with this same drudgery. Moses, Elijah and culminating in the Messiah, all faced the same abysmal darkness that enshrines every human being at one point or another. Look at the MAP above and you will see a Way to move upwards, and it is the Prophets that found this Way up. Even though Moses had delivered the people out of Egypt it did them no good whatsoever, because they did not believe in what Moses was saying. Outwardly the Children of Israel said that they believed Moses, but inside they did not. The Hidden Elijah is what they needed - and he was taken up in a whirlwind and concealed from normal eyesight. Checkout the spiralling ladder to see where Eljah is Hidden. When the mind is Risen, we meet Moses, Elijah and The Christ. When Christ walked on the Firmament, He did so to show His Students the Way in which to follow Him. To follow Christ is to walk on the water, and in doing so, one will walk through the storms until it becomes so easy that one will rejoice in the Psalm:
"He leads me beside the still waters."
However, one is to know all the Psalms to be able to do any walking:
"His Word is a Lamp to my feet."
John the Baptiser had the Spirit of Elijah in him - he is to prepare the Way of the Messiah, John was also the Son of Aaron. Whereas John Baptised in Water, The Christ Baptises in the Holy Spirit, in other words turns the Water into Wine. The question is, why did Christ allow himself to be baptised by John, when it should of been the other way around. Christ did it of course so that His Students would know that they too have to be baptised themselves in the water in order to follow in Christ's footsteps. But the water that John baptised in is a teaching to inform the baptisee of the coming storms. Christ died 2000 years ago to fulfill the Holy Scriptures, not the New Testament because it had not been written then, but All of Moses, All of the Prophets and All of the Psalms. The MAP to Christ is Moses and Elijah, and where they are not preached neither is the genuine Christ. If the Christ was hidden from the Jews 2000 years ago, who knew the Scriptures, how much more so is Christ hidden to the Scriptureless. In fact, not only is Christ hidden, so is the MAP to Him hidden. Moses is still hidden, Elijah is still hidden, as every single work of the Creator, God Himself is hidden.

Christ is waiting for those whom he has taught with the MAP how to walk on the same water as He Himself. Read your New Testament, although it is a very short bunch of keys, it definitely states that Moses and Elijah are both alive and well, and in conversation with the Messiah. We walk in a straight line with the 2 levels below, (Egypt), and the 3 levels above simultaneously.

"What is the point in gaining the whole World and then lose your soul."
God does not need a single penny to save anyone.
What Christ is saying is that there is nothing in this Universe that can save anyone from the storms to come. These storms are not natural, this is why the Scriptures are paramount in the Salvation process. Christ Himself said:
"If you do not believe in Moses, then you cannot believe in Me, for He testified of Me."
The life story of the Messiah is written in All of Moses, All of the Prophets and All of the Psalms. In fact, what one thinks is missing from the birth of the Messiah, right up until He was 30, is written down in the Scriptures - but it is Hidden! Faith without knowledge of the Scriptures is commonly known as blind faith, and as the Christ says:
"The blind shall lead the blind and they will all fall in the pit."
Without Moses it is impossible to cross over the Path and walk with God. Unless of course you believe that Christ has done it all, then if that is the case, God may as well have written it down on a piece of notepaper, and passed it around. It would mean that God had made a terrible mistake for practically 4000 years.
If you had the entire Scriptures unfolded right in front of your eyes, you would see the perfect plan of God. What you think is written by a number of people, being the Prophets, turns out to have been written by one person only, God Himself. It becomes impossible for more than one person to have known what the Prophets wrote, because it would mean that the Prophets themselves knew the past, present and future. The Prophets only knew what God told them in each of their own time on Earth. If there were 10 Prophets in a 1000 year period, then each Prophet would be at the half way point of a hundred years, and he would know 50 years before, and then 50 years after. So whatever Divine knowledge the Prophets knew in their own given time over a 1000 years, the Messiah knew all the knowledge of a 1000 years at once. Of course, 1000 years is an example of the Old Testament times, because the Messiah knew the beginning to the end of life eternally - He is the Alpha and Omega of all life.

the endless drudgery of living in spiritual bondage.

Tell the people that my Name is:
"I AM"
The emphasis here is in the I - I being ONE.
Are you One with God's mind, and is He One with yours?

Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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