The Transference of Divine Intelligence

The Beginning is the first time that the Divine steps in to do, and to complete, a creative work on the intelligence of Man. The first word in Hebrew has the same root word used for head - skull, (Rosh).
The first Man, Adam, is the first Prophet, i.e. the first Man that the Divine taught and spoke to. This communication was accomplished after the transformation process that took 6 days from conception, (impregnation of the Divine Seed), to completion, (successful accomplishment through Divine intervention).

Abraham, the great genius and Father (Teacher) to the student Hebrews (Sons), was Divinely Promised that his Seed (intelligence) shall be as numerous as the Stars of Heaven, and as numerous as the Sand on the Seashore. But the Seed is singular - it is Christ. "I call my Son, Israel, out of Egypt." Just as Israel is One person, so are the 12 Apostles One person also. God is One, and we are to be One with Him, and He One with us. I am One with God, and God is One with Me!


Royden John Elson
Roy Elson

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